NMB Resort and Dry Dock

The North Myrtle Beach RV Resort and Dry Dock, viewed from the southern side of the Intracoastal Waterway, near Local on the Water and Boardwalk Billy's. Photo by Christian Boschult 

A resort-style development that encompasses the North Myrtle Beach RV Resort and Dry Dock could undergo some changes, but there’s no indication that the full project will be built out anytime soon. 

The latest plans came before the North Myrtle Beach Planning Commission Tuesday when one of the landowners requested an amendment to Phase 1 of the planned development district (PDD). The property sits along the north side of the Intracoastal Waterway.

The plans for the project, originally approved in 2006, ultimately call for a high rise, a restaurant, several four-story multi-family dwellings, RV and pop-up camper sites, a water slide, a clubhouse and a dog park. 

The PDD is owned by two different corporate entities: Myrtle Beach Power Sports Inc., which operates the existing RV Resort and Dry Dock, and Canal Land and Timber LLC, which owns more than 50 acres of land in phases of the PDD to be developed later.

The amendment proposed by Myrtle Beach Power Sports Inc. asks the city to annex almost 12 acres of land on the northeast side of the PDD along Old Crane Road and approve an amendment to the PDD, increasing the number of RV camper spots from the 107 existing spots to 214 in the new acreage.

If approved by city council, the RV Resort and Dry Dock section will house 214 RV spots and 22 pop-up camper spaces, while letting the owners reserve the right to build 200 condo units if they choose not to add the extra RV spots. If the owners wanted to build the condos, they would have to come back to get permission from the city again in order to set architectural standards.

And, if the owner switched to condos, the existing $400 fee per RV space would increase to the existing beach parking fee at the time of the decision, less the $400 that the owner is paying for the RV spots. 

“Currently, they would have to pay $400 a space to hook up. But if it becomes a condo, then that fee goes way up,” said planning commission chairman Harvey Eisner. “We don’t want to stiff anyone, but we want to make sure the city gets what’s due.”

The originally PDD was annexed into the city in 2006 and called for 1,374 condo units and dry boat storage. The dry boat storage currently exists, operated by the same owners who are asking for the amendment and annexation. 

But there’s no guarantee that the high-rise, thousand-plus condos and the restaurant will be built anytime soon. 

The land, although part of an approved PDD, is listed for sale by its owners, Canal Wood.

Planning and Zoning Director James Wood theorized that the lack of development was unfortunate timing. 

“A lot of people had grandiose plans for properties during that time period,” Wood said. “When the real estate crash happened, it brought dozens and dozens of projects to a total standstill. Maybe they were caught up in that.”

Canal Wood did not immediately respond to an email requesting comment, and the phone number listed for the company could not accept any messages. 

City council still has to approve the amendment and annexation.


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