Jack Axe plans to open its axe-throwing facility between ISI Elite Training and Breakers Fitness in North Myrtle Beach. Photo by Christian Boschult

Jack Axe Throwing plans to open its North Myrtle Beach location on Friday, according to part-owner Carter Jasicob, who compared the sport to bowling and darts.

“We’re an axe-throwing facility,” Jasicob said. “You pick an axe. Like bowling, we would help you make a selection of an axe. You go into the lane and you throw it at the board.”

Like darts, each player gets points depending where on the board the axe hits.

“We add up our points and just like darts, you see who wins the game,” he said.

The facility will have coaches to help players learn how to throw an axe, Jasicob said.

“Part of the challenge is making it stick in the board,” he said. “If you throw five or 10 axes, you pick it up.”

Eventually, Jack Axe wants to open a bar at the location to serve drinks and snacks, but that will take additional licensing from the state.

“We plan on having a bar there so we can offer some refreshments and snack items for folks,” Jasicob said, cautioning that “we’re not a bar that has axe-throwing.”

Jack Axe will open at 3606 U.S. 17 South in North Myrtle, and Jasicob said game play is $25 per hour, per person.

Jack Axe also plans on opening another location in the southern Myrtle Beach area.


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