A new fundraising campaign aims to bring some vivid art to downtown Myrtle Beach.

Five Points Association President John Krajc launched the GoFundMe effort to pay for multiple murals.

“They can be super transformative for a community,” he said, adding that murals can also increase real estate values in neighborhoods.

All funds raised go to the nonprofit organization for mural expenses, including artist payments, paint costs and maintenance.

The goal of the GoFundMe is to raise $17,000, but Krajc said closer to $30,000 “to start off” would be ideal.

As of Tuesday night, $1,200 had been raised.

Krajc pointed out other communities in the United States such as Brooklyn in New York City and Wynwood in Miami are renowned for murals within them.

He recalled scouring Washington, D.C. for murals.

In Myrtle Beach, different spots have been considered as potential candidates for murals, including Withers Alley.

Krajc said the murals do not have to be in the Five Points district.

“We’re not trying to gentrify the area,” he said. “We’re just trying to clean it up.”

The city’s community appearance board recently approved two murals for the downtown area.

One depicting a Lowcountry scene by Ruth Cox is set to be painted outside the Grand Strand Law Group building at 401 Broadway St.

The other mural, which will feature an octopus illustration, will be on the side of Gordo’s Tacos & Tequila at 214 9th Ave. North.

That mural will be done by artist Rick Forest and will be “interactive,” Krajc said, by allowing someone to stand near a painted sombrero and have his or her picture taken.

He hopes the painting of the two murals will begin in the coming days, and noted that Spectrum Paint donated some supplies for the effort.

Funding has already been secured for those two murals through private donations.

If rain does not impact either completion date, Krajc expects both murals to be finished within a month.

The overall goal for 2019 is to have six to 10 murals completed, including the two already approved.


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