Miss Socastee 2016

Micah James, Miss Socastee 2016

When she was growing up, Micah James never really considered being in pageants, telling herself that she wasn’t the pageant type.

She’s a talented musician, though, and a member of the award-winning Socastee Singers. When the opportunity arose in her junior year at Socastee High School, Micah accepted the chance to provide the entertainment during intermission at her school’s pageant.

Then her friends kept telling her that since she already had the talent portion of the competition taken care of, she should just go ahead and compete.

Micah listened, and after a strong showing last year, she won her school’s Miss Senior title this school year– and the chance to compete as Miss Socastee at the Miss South Carolina Pageant this summer.

Between public appearances, schoolwork, and preparing for her college career, Micah has been raising money for her platform, “Feed Them Music.”

“With that platform I’m raising money to buy ukuleles for children in hospitals,” she said. “I’ll be able to teach them to play, and if they really like it I’ll be able to give them the ukuleles.”

As part of her fundraising efforts, Micah has been contacting local businesses.

While she’s doing that, she also helps raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network, another part of the requirements for her reign.

She will also be holding a benefit concert on May 17 at Socastee High School with some of her Socastee Singer friends. The concert will be free, she says.

While going about her duties as Miss Socastee, Micah has learned a lot so far.

“Knowing how to hold myself, knowing what to do and what not to do, knowing what is acceptable as Miss Socastee,” she said. “You have a standard to uphold.”

That’s been one of the biggest impacts on Micah’s life, too.

“It’s changed my outlook on everything in a good way,” she noted.

And not only does Micah have to be careful to uphold the standard in her day-to-day life, she also has to apply the same standard to her social media accounts. She must be mature in her dealings, she noted.

That’s especially important because Micah is helping mentor her “Palmetto Princess,” Madison Pierce, a freshman at Socastee.

“I get to be an example to her,” Micah said. “She’s there the week of Miss South Carolina to support me.”

Her Princess also goes to community events with her to learn about what it takes to become a pageant contestant.

The Miss South Carolina pageant will be held in Columbia in June.


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