Offshore drilling

Citizen group Stop Offshore Drilling in the Atlantic (SODA) comes to Loris to answer your questions about offshore drilling proposed for the Atlantic Ocean.

An announcement is expected within weeks to reveal results of a two- year study on the federal government’s desire to open new sites for offshore oil and gas drilling in the years 2019-2024. Among Atlantic Ocean states being considered are South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia.

For the coasts chosen as drilling sites, the results of oil and gas industrial operations will carry enormous implications. SODA says the industrialization of the coastal areas, will affect the entire State, and especially nearby areas like Loris.

On Saturday, March 30, 10:30 a.m. - noon, SODA representatives will answer questions at the Loris Library. Featured speaker will be Peg Howell, a former petroleum engineer and the first woman rig manager in the Gulf of Mexico. Howell now lives in Pawleys Island.

“The Gulf of Mexico has always welcomed the oil and gas industry,” says Howell. “But it is not compatible with the coasts and waters of South Carolina. Don’t just think of rigs out in the ocean. This heavy industrial process requires a transportation system to move the production from the rigs to onshore processing of the oil and gas, as well as diesel, chemical and equipment storage. You need to know, it is almost certain that what is drilled in S.C. will go overseas.”

SODA is a volunteer, non-partisan group which only works on the issue of offshore drilling in the Atlantic. The Loris Library is at 4316 Main Street in Loris.


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Educational and informative event. I wish Everyone had the opportunity to learn what SODA knows

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