Loris storm damage

These cars at Loris High School were damaged Monday when a strong storm swept through the area.

A tornado swept through the Loris area Monday afternoon, damaging several cars at Loris High School.

No injuries have been reported.

Loris Police Chief Gary Buley said crews responded to the high school around 1 p.m. after the storm’s winds pushed vehicles into and on top of each other.

Horry County Schools spokeswoman Lisa Bourcier said there have been no reports of structural damage to the high school.

"We never lost power during this weather event, and the school will continue to operate on a normal schedule today," Bourcier said in an email. 

The NWS office in Wilmington, North Carolina, confirmed on Twitter than an EF-1 tornado with 90 mph winds hit the campus. The tornado lifted cars and snapped trees. About 75 vehicles were damaged in total.

Students, faculty, parents and emergency personnel could be seen surveying the damage Monday afternoon. Tow trucks were called to the school. Part of the frontside of a Honda lay in the parking lot.

Autumn Jacobs’ recently-repaired car was one of the vehicles damaged. The Chevrolet Malibu she parked at the school earlier in the day ended up with a Lexus on top of it. The Lexus had reportedly traveled several feet from another part of the parking lot due to the gusts.

The Loris High senior said she was surprised to view a Snapchat post that mentioned a tornado.

“I’ve never heard of a tornado in Loris,” Jacobs said. “My whole family sent it to me [and] it was on Facebook and everything before I ever got outside to look at it.” 

While she was glad that no one was hurt, Jacobs was initially distraught by what happened.

“All my nerves hit at once and I was really emotional. … I started crying a little bit,” she said. “Then I was like, it’s OK. It’s just a car. It’s not me.”

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