Loris Bog-Off

There will be a 2020 Loris Bog Off Festival in October -- but how big the event will be is dependent on how bad COVID-19 is in Horry County in late September.

Samantha Norris, executive director of the Loris Chamber of Commerce met with city officials Monday to talk about plans for the festival.

They ended that meeting by deciding to meet again this week to continue the conversation.

“We will have a Bog-Off Oct. 17,” Norris said. “I have a plan.”

She said under the current Centers for Disease Control guidelines, a festival can be held but she would have to limit the number of attendees.

Norris said the CDC laws allow up to 1,212 people per acre for outdoor events.

The area normally used for the festival is approximately five acres.

She said if the CDC guidelines do not change, a decision will be made on whether to hold the festival in the city limits or to find a bigger vacant lot outside of the city so more people can attend.

When asked how they would keep track of the number of people since the event is outside, Norris said the area would have to be fenced.

Norris said the annual Loris Bog-Off Pageants will also be held as planned Sept. 26.

This year, the pageants will be held at Kingston Lakes Education and Business Center.

The pageants are usually held at Loris High School but because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Horry County School District is not allowing school auditoriums to be rented.

Norris said the first pageant for ages 0-9 will take place at 1 p.m. and the pageant for ages 10-24 will be held at 7 p.m.

Tickets are $12 for each pageant. Because of the pandemic, only 250 tickets per pageant will be sold.


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