City of Loris

Loris Mayor Todd Harrelson and some members of Loris City Council are spending part of this week in Greenville at the annual meeting of the South Carolina Municipal Association.

The yearly gathering of officials -- which starts Thursday and ends Sunday -- gives them a chance to “learn in a focused environment about issues, solutions and opportunities facing South Carolina cities and towns,” information from the SCMA states.

One thing Harrelson said he may discuss with leaders of the SCMA is help in finding a new administrator for the city.

The city’s first administrator, Damon Kempski, resigned July 2. City attorney Kenneth Moss said the resignation was for “personal reasons.”

Kempski told the Loris Scene July 1: “I made a decision, I had to reprioritize my life and the things that are important to me. And, I needed to change my focus. I had focused a lot of time and effort on the city, now I want to focus more attention on my family.”

As of Monday, the job had not been posted on the city’s website or with the SCMA.

During the July 11 city council meeting, Harrelson said he and council “are looking” for at least someone to do the job on at least an interim basis.

Council went into executive session during that meeting to discuss contract issues concerning the administrator’s position.

After that closed-door meeting, Harrelson said, “we are trying to find an interim.” He said the city has not only reached out to the SCMA but also to the Waccamaw Regional Council of Governments.

The next city council meeting is July 25 to give final reading to the 2019-20 budget. Harrelson said it is possible, but not likely, an interim administrator will be named at that meeting.


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