Sports in Loris

Expect to see much more sports activity in Loris this year.

During the most recent Loris City Council meeting, Tom Cocke, director of the Loris Recreation Department, talked about his efforts to bring more youth baseball tournaments to Loris.

Top Gun Sports USA is a company that organizes baseball tournaments that will bring in guests not only from South Carolina but also from surrounding states and even other parts of the country.

Cocke said when Top Gun hold tournaments in Loris, that company will keep the money collected from ticket sales while the city gets to keep the money made from selling concessions.

Cocke said it is possible some tournaments could begin as soon as next month.

To help with the extra work being generated by the tournaments, Cocke is bringing in four interns from Coastal Carolina University who are working on their degree in recreation and sports.

He said the city is working with Santee Cooper and Kingston Electric to install adequate lighting at the ball fields.

He said a $7,000 donation was made to help purchase the new WI-FI scoreboards.

Cocke also said local businesses are being encouraged to participate by advertising in the printed programs that will be available at the tournaments.

Events committee being formed

Also during the recent meeting, Mayor Todd Harrelson said the addition of the new lights and displays -- as well as new events that took place -- made the Christmas season in Loris a big success.

“We probably had the biggest Christmas we have ever had,” the mayor said, adding he has received more complimentary comments than he can count.

Interim City Administrator Dennis Drozdak said a goal in 2020 is to make the Christmas season even better -- and to hold other events during the year.

He said to make that happen, an events committee is being formed. He said the committee will be made up of residents, and some staff members, who will come up with event ideas.

“I am not saying council and staff do not have good ideas but the more the merrier,” Drozdak said.

More details about serving on the committee will be released in upcoming weeks.


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