Building facade collapses

A portion of the facade of the former Mystic Motions collapsed on to the sidewalk this past week.

The effects of Hurricane Florence were still being felt last week as a portion of the façade of the former Mystic Motion collapsed onto the sidewalk.

Repairs on the building are continuing but the June 24 incident caused a major headache not only for the building’s owner and Loris city workers, but also for travelers as that block of Main Street was closed for a day.

Thankfully there were no injuries reported as the collapse took place at about 1:45 p.m.

Loris Mayor Todd Harrelson said at that time of day people could have been on the sidewalk and been hit by falling bricks.

Harrelson said city workers got to the scene very fast and were able to get the street cleared but the road closure continued until it was certain there would be no additional falling debris.

According to Harrelson, last September’s hurricane damaged the roof and the interior of the building -- which was constructed in the 1930s -- making it unsafe to use since that time.

It is believed the weakened condition of the building is what caused the collapse.


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