City of Loris

With the month of October just a few days away, Loris leaders are busy preparing for the upcoming holiday season.

This year, the city is expected to be more festive than ever as new lights and displays are being added to bring even more Christmas joy.

Mayor Todd Harrelson said the city is using hospitality funds to purchase new Christmas lights. The bid process for companies wanting the contract is now taking place. He said he hopes the order is placed this week.

He said the new lights will be added to the ones the city already has that will be on display.

“We are trying to add on and make Loris look nicer. We are using it as a tourist draw and we want the children to be happy,” Harrelson said. “We want people to see what Loris has just like they want to see what other cities have.”

Harrelson said there will be a “Twelve Days of Christmas” celebration in the city that will include a variety of activities and displays, such as a Santa sleigh that can be used for family photos.

There also will be an animated light display that will make it look like a sleigh is taking off near the railroad tracks, the mayor said.

“There will be a lot of new additions. We will have a tremendous display area down Main Street. We will have lights going across Main Street like you are going through a light tunnel,” he said.

He added there will be no charge to enjoy the displays.

Harrelson said the lights will be on sometime around Thanksgiving.


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