Loris Historical Society

Loris Historical Society buys the former State Theater. Renovations will begin Saturday.

The Loris Historical Society (LHS) has taken a big step towards creating a museum to showcase the city’s history with the purchase of the former State Theater which has been a part of the city since the late 1930s.

The purchase of the landmark took place earlier this month.

James Edwards, president of the nine-member LHS board of directors, said the idea for a museum to showcase the city’s history has been something that has been talked about for many years.

The owners of the building agreed to finance it themselves, so there were very little upfront costs for the Society.

Now that the sale of the building is official, the renovations can get underway for a museum and event venue.

Board member Samantha Norris said the first of the renovation work is scheduled to begin this Saturday.

It is unknown how long the renovations will take but Edwards said it could take three years or more for the entire transformation of the building to be complete.

Once it is finished, the back portion of the building will be an area that will be rented out for things such as reunions, receptions and other such events.

Norris said she also foresees things such as art expos taking place in the building.

Because the building was once a movie theater, the room will also be available for movies or stage plays.

The front portion will be a museum where artifacts from the history of the city will be on display.

Norris said fundraising efforts will get underway later this year. One thing the LHS board is considering is selling bricks with the names of donors that will be at the entrance of the building.

They are also selling some of the office doors from inside the building that are being removed as part of the renovations. You can visit the Loris Historical Society Facebook page to see the doors that are being sold.

Right now, there are about 20 LHS members and Norris said it is open to anyone. The cost is only $50 per year for individuals and $100 annually for businesses.

“We would like to encourage all the businesses and community members that would to support us in the endeavor,” Edwards said. “The members will help us fund raise.”

If you would like to make a donation or purchase a membership to help with renovation costs, you can do so by contacting Samantha Norris at 843-997-7234.


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