Lora Tyler

When the 2019-20 school year begins in August, students at Loris Elementary School will be greeted by a new principal.

During a recent meeting, the Horry County School Board appointed Lora Tyler to be the principal at that school. She is currently the assistant principal at Forestbrook Elementary School and will begin her new duties on July 1.

She will be replacing Angela Gore who has been principal at LES since 2014. Before the promotion, Gore was the school’s assistant principal.

Tyler has been an educator since 1993. For the past four years she has been an assistant principal. For three years she was at Aynor Elementary before being transferred to Forestbrook Elementary this school year.

She said when she heard about the opening at Loris Elementary, she knew she wanted the job.

“Loris is my home,” she said. She is a graduate of Loris High School. “I am already a part of the Loris community and I feel it is important to be a part of that community. Loris is not just an elementary school to me. It is definitely part of my home.”

Tyler’s career began as a classroom teacher at North Myrtle Beach Middle School but then she went back to college. She earned a masters in plus 30 in school psychology.

With that degree in hand, Tyler left the classroom and began working as a school psychologist.

“I have actually worked at Loris Elementary as a school psychologist at one time,” Tyler said.

One of her jobs for a while was supervising all the school psychologists in the district.

“When I became a school psychologist, I worked for many years in the elementary and primary school levels. I have mainly been in elementary schools throughout my career,” she said.

Tyler said she loves working with elementary-age students because “it is such a crucial time where you work to make sure they have a solid foundation for their learning.”

After the district announced Tyler had been promoted to the job, she held a meeting with teachers and other staff members at LES.

“It was overwhelmingly positive. Teachers and parents and children have come up to me and have welcomed me with open arms. They have made me feel welcome,” Tyler said.

She said her goals as a principal will be to ensure the school “is a place where all students thrive, not just academically.”

She also wants the school to remain a place that teachers love to be at every day. And, a place where parents are proud to send their children.

She also wants the community to continue to feel they are a part of the school.

Tyler said she is very appreciative of the support she has received during her short time at Forestbrook Elementary.

Lora and her husband, Kendall Tyler, have been married for 25 years and have always made Loris their home.

The couple has two children.

Bailey, 19, was last year’s Loris High School valedictorian. She now attends Anderson University.

Dylan Tyler, 16, is a junior at Loris High and is a member of the school band and golf team.

“My main goal is to get in and see what is going on then to make any appropriate changes that are needed,” Tyler said. “That will be based on data and feedback from the school.”


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