Members of the Loris Garden Club were welcomed to the home of Laura Hardee, co-hostess with Gloria Kinney, for the January meeting. Laura's home was lovely with Christmas decorations and vases of camellias throughout the meeting area. Delicious refreshments were served. Gardening gloves were given as favors. Laura's beautiful arrangement, ‘A Fresh Beginning,’ was in an elegant antique blue and white vase using Acuba, Yew, Spirea, Tea Olive with a variety of camellias.

President David Stoudenmire welcomed members, thanked the hostesses and led the Club Collect. Roll call and minutes were presented by Secretary Ruth Ann Jones, and Treasurer Rosanne Claytor gave the financial information.

Members were thanked for their participation in making Christmas magnolia wreaths for the Library doors on Dec. 1, and for helping plant a Crepe Myrtle tree on the library grounds on Dec. 7 in observance of Arbor Day.

Awards Chairperson Wanda Cox announced Books for Evidence final submission date will be Feb. 1. Members interested in learning how to complete books of evidence on projects were invited to her home on Jan. 7 at 4 p.m. Awards are presented at the Spring District meeting March 14 in Conway.

Loris Garden Club receives awards each year for civic projects. Memorials received for our faithful, longtime member Clyde Richardson, who passed away Nov. 12, 2018, were acknowledged and will be used to create a lasting tribute in his honor and in appreciation for his faithful, vital years of service. Loris Garden Club members, as well as District and State members, are saddened about his passing and grieve with his lovely family. His kindness and dedication to helping others will be long remembered.

President Stoudenmire acknowledged a thank you card from the Buck Creek Foundation expressing appreciation for the donation. They will resume work on the Giving Hope Nursery at the former Clardy Nursery site and will appreciate assistance from volunteers. Club members will be happy to help.

At our February meeting the nominating committee will present names for proposed officers for 2019-2021.

Special Projects Chairperson Linda Morrison gave an update on the fund raising project of lunch and silent auction scheduled for March 30. Further details and tickets will be available soon. Funds raised will be used to upgrade the Blue Star/Thelma Suggs Memorial Garden on S.C. 9W Business.

Vice President Louise McQueen introduced our speaker Mack McKinnon, vice president of the Grand Strand Camellia Society.

McKinnon, a retired engineer, is chairman of the Grand Strand Camellia Show which was held at Inlet Square Mall Jan. 13-14.

A camellia is a flowering evergreen shrub with origins in the Orient and recognized for its tea properties. The shrubs were introduced to Europe in the Victorian era by plant hunters. These plants became popular in our country in the 1700s in southern regions for their beauty as evergreen shrubs with flowers and many varieties of color and size. Camellias are well suited for our southern climate and prefer moist, well-drained acidic soil. McKinnon gave information and handouts on proper planting and care of camellias. He also brought beautiful camellia blooms of various colors and sizes, and plants that are sold by the Society. McKinnon presented a very informative and delightful program on planting, growing and caring for camellias in our yards. He may be reached through the Grand Strand Camellia Society. Our group appreciated this excellent program.

Gloria Kinney presented a very moving inspirational message on being a child of our Heavenly Father. Following the drawing and presentation of the door prize the meeting closed with the Club Benediction.


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