Several churches in Loris were decorated with flower arrangements on Easter Sunday that were put together, delivered and set up by Loris Florist and Gifts.

What makes this an amazing feat is the fact the florist was destroyed by fire five days before Easter.

On the morning of April 16, fire broke out inside the florist located at 4814 Main Street. Craig and April Sims had operated out of that building since December 2016.

On the day of the fire, the couple told reporters they will rebuild and would look for a temporary location. At the time they said, it may take a while before they were back in business.

But it did not take much time at all for the making of flower arrangements to resume. Less than 48 hours.

On Thursday, April 18, they were in a new location and were getting things ready for Easter.

Rea Poston, in the florist business for almost two decades, talked with the Loris Scene as she worked feverishly to get orders filled on Good Friday.

She said it is believed the fire started in the company van that had been parked by the building.

Bonnie Graham has been working with Loris Florist since 2002.

“That is where it originated from, outside,” Graham added.

Loris Fire Chief Jerry Hardee confirmed, saying the fire likely started with the vehicle.

Poston said they knew the building located at 5218 Broad Street, across from KFC, was empty, so Sims contacted the owner, Greg King. He met with them the day after the fire and gave Sims the keys.

Because all the flower inventory had been destroyed, Sims had to make a trip to Florence to restock the supply.

That helped get the decorative flowers in churches such as Kingdom Hall, First Baptist, Pleasant Meadow, Cane Branch, and Mount Leon in Longs.

But it was not only Easter that was saved because of the quick relocation, Poston said they had already received numerous orders for Mother’s Day.

“It all came together with the help of the good Lord,” she said.

Ironically, this is not the first time this building has been used by a floral business. Poston said it was once the site of M&J Creative Floral Designs. It was then used as an attorney’s office.

Poston said the current plans are to rebuild on the site where the fire occurred but to remain in the temporary location until a new building is ready for occupancy.


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