City of Loris

It is going to be a long process.

That is what Loris City Administrator Damon Kempski had to say about the repair or replacement of City Hall that was severely damaged during Hurricane Florence.

A major part of the roof collapsed causing major flooding throughout the building.

During the most recent Loris City Council meeting, Kempski said the city has been working with the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the South Carolina Emergency Management Division to determine if the building can be repaired or if it will have to be demolished and replaced.

He said FEMA officials were in Loris last week meeting with himself and City Building manager Brandon Harrelson. Kempski said they were not only looking at city hall but any property that was damaged during the storm.

“We are meeting with them weekly as we go through this process. It is going to be a long process,” Kempski said. “We are trying to expedite it as much as possible.”

He said the city is still waiting for assessments and engineering reports.

“The finalized plan of action is not complete,” Kempski said.

Harrelson said it may be early January before that plan is in place.

The plan, when complete, will have to be presented to council for approval.

With city hall unusable and city offices now located in the city’s public safety building, City Council has been holding meetings in different locations such as Loris Elementary School and McLeod Loris Seacoast Center for Health and Fitness.

Mayor Henry Nichols said neither of the venues has charged the city for use of the facilities.


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