Kenya Wright

Kenya Wright has been part of the government in the City of Loris for several years. Most of that time spent as the city’s clerk and treasurer.

Now, Wright is ready to tackle a new challenge -- business owner.

On Jan. 3, Wright delivered her two-week notice to Interim Administrator Dennis Drozdak. Her final day is Friday.

“I will spend the next two weeks tying up loose ends to leave the task that I do daily in the best position possible for the next person to take on. I feel it is time for me to move in a different direction,” Wright wrote in an email to the media.

The decision to leave comes three months after Wright was stripped of her titles by Drozdak and Mayor Todd Harrelson.

Neither man ever gave a reason for the demotion and Wright’s new job duties were never made public.

Drozdak has been handling the clerk and treasurer duties since the October demotion.

In an interview with the Loris Scene earlier this week, Wright talked more about her decision to leave and what she has planned next.

Working for the city is no longer the thing for her, she said.

“It is time to do something I enjoy. Something that makes me happy,” she continued.

In her spare time, Wright has been a crafter. She makes decorations for a home and other things she has been selling online. She has a Facebook page called Cotton Pickin Cute by Kenya Wright.

Now, she is wanting to use that talent to open a store in Loris.

“Hopefully, by the beginning of March, I will have a shop open in town,” she said. “It will be like a boutique and it will also have crafts in it. It will have clothes and jewelry. There is nowhere uptown -- other than Loris Drug Store -- where you can just run in and grab a gift or something like that. So, I think that is probably what I am going to do.”

She said she will “go full blast” at making the store a reality after she completes her time with the city on Friday.

Wright took over the clerk and treasurer’s duties after Bridgette Fowler left that position.

Wright says while there was a time one person could perform that tasks that come with the two titles, these days it is a much more difficult job.

“Now we have gotten into social media and holding events and so many other things. Now, the clerk-treasurer is a two-person job,” she said. “I enjoyed it, but it was not what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I want to move on.”


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