Loris City Hall

Sellers General Construction, LLC, will repair Loris City Hall’s damage done by flooding rains of Hurricane Florence in 2018. The work should be completed in early 2020.

When the votes were tallied in the races for Loris mayor and four council seats, residents appeared to be happy with the current leadership.

All the incumbents won.

In the race for mayor, incumbent Todd Harrelson defeated Loris City Councilman Michael Suggs 308-251, according to unofficial results.

Harrelson and Suggs faced each other earlier this year in the race to fill the unexpired term for the mayor's seat, which became available after the February death of former Mayor Henry Nichols.

In May, Harrelson defeated Suggs by one vote. That led to a runoff where Harrelson won by 33 votes.

The unexpired term ends Dec. 31. After that, Harrelson will begin his first four-year term.

There were also three full-term council seats on the ballot belonging to incumbents Joan Gause, Lewis Hardee and Jan Vescovi.

They were challenged by Veda Nichols, the widow of the former mayor. Here are the unofficial results:

• Joan S. Gause - 336 (W)

• Lewis C. Hardee Jr. - 369 (W)

• Veda Lamar Nichols - 279

• Jan Powell Vescovi - 308 (W)

Also on the ballot, newcomers Carroll Padgett Jr. and Richard Dew faced off for the unexpired council seat that belonged to Harrelson before he was elected mayor in June.

That seat expires in 2021. Here are the results in that race:

• Richard D. Dew - 191

• Carroll D. Padgett Jr. - 369 (W)


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