Museum brick

Are you still looking for a great gift for someone on your list? Someone who loves the City of Loris.

How about a commemorative brick that will be on display inside the new Loris Museum that is being built at 4149 Main Street.

Not only will you be giving a thoughtful present, you will be helping the long-awaited museum become a reality.

The cost is $100 per brick which includes two lines of engraving at 21 characters per line. The lines can be in honor of someone or in memory of those who have passed away.

Contact Samantha Norris at 843-997-7234 for all the details about purchasing a brick.

The museum is being built inside the former State Theater and construction is well underway.

The 82-year-old building was once the heartbeat of the downtown area of the city for movies and entertainment.

“The renovations are coming along really well,” Norris said. “We have taken the drop ceiling down and you can see 26-feet above. That is very exciting and unique.”

Norris said once the work is complete, the exterior of the building will look like the theater it once was and inside will be the museum and some available venue space.

When asked when the museum will open, Norris said it should be sometime in the second half of 2020.

“We are almost done renovating. We have to put the bathrooms and a sprinkler system in, then we will be ready to go,” she said.

The Loris Historical Society is also still looking for items to put on display inside the museum.

If you would like to make a donation or purchase a membership to help with renovation costs, you can do so by contacting Norris.


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