Lance couple delivers food

Sean and Tamera Lance made three stops in Loris Sunday, including Creekside apartments.

When the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic began and people were asked to stay at home as much as possible, Tamera Lance of Pawleys Island knew she wanted to do something to help others.

She talked to her husband, Sean Lance, about ways they can be of service and they decided they would help those who need food and other supplies.

Since then, they have been delivering food and other items, free of charge, to those in need in Horry and Georgetown counties.

What began as what was supposed to be a small gesture has turned into a daily mission that is benefiting many people each day.

On Sunday, the couple was in Loris helping out residents at Creekside Apartments and other locations in the area.

“When this all started I was sitting around scrolling on Facebook and was getting absorbed by all the negativity and I really wanted to do something to help,” Tamera Lance said. “I saw I had 17 boxes in my laundry room, so I decided to order some food and fill those boxes and take them to people who are homebound and hungry.”

She used Facebook to ask for suggestions about people needing help. That is when the couple saw the need was much greater than they thought. The 17 boxes were distributed very quickly, and the Lance’s knew they wanted to continue helping.

When the number of requests for food and supplies began to increase, the couple set up a GoFundMe page. As of Sunday they had collected about four times as much money as they had hope to generate.

They have also received a lot of food donations.

They have been to more than 70 homes and have delivered food and other needed items such as diapers and cleaning supplies.

“We find people who are in need mainly by word-of-mouth. A lot of people contact us and let us know about elderly people who are in need,” Mrs. Lance said.

Others they are told about are disabled people or those without transportation.

“We deliver to at least five to seven homes each day,” she said.

Sean Lance said many of the deliveries are made in rural areas where it is harder for people to get to a store.

The couple was asked if they plan to continue this after the COVID-19 situation passes.

“I definitely want to find a way to keep helping because I now realize there are so many in need out there all the time,” Mrs. Lance said. “And the people who were in need before this all started are much worse off now.”

The couple’s GoFundMe page can be found by simply typing Tamera Lance in the GoFundMe page search box.


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