Frank Bellamy's food truck

Visit Frank’s Food on Wheels, owned by Frank Bellamy, in Loris at the corner of Broad and Maple streets.

The City of Loris has another great place to enjoy a delicious meal. But, it is not a normal brick-and-mortar restaurant.

It is a new food truck owned and operated by Frank Bellamy -- an area native who recently moved back after spending decades in Brooklyn, New York.

Bellamy was born in Mullins and his family moved to Loris when he was about 10-years-old.

At age 20, he moved to New York where he worked for the Brooklyn Housing Authority.

When he retired, he began working in a restaurant that served a lot of southern foods such as barbecue and ribs and fried chicken.

He also spent some time operating a hot dog wagon.

He fell in love with cooking and new he wanted to move back home, and he wanted to continue in the food business.

Not having the funds to purchase or build a new building for a restaurant, Bellamy began exploring the food truck industry.

“I had to go where my money took me,” Bellamy told the Loris Scene during a recent interview.

While he loves working in his food truck, Bellamy said he is hoping to open a more traditional restaurant in the next few years.

However, Bellamy has started his business at a good time because food trucks are a very popular venue for people looking for a great meal that is served quickly.

He debuted his food truck during the 2018 Loris Bog-Off and has been open off-and-on since then, he said.

Bellamy said while there are variations to his menu, he has some things that are always available. Things such as ribs, fish, and chicken.

“The food is delicious,” he said. He said he knows the food is great because customers keep coming back.

If you cannot get to him, Bellamy said food can be delivered in the Loris area.

To place and order to pick-up or to have food delivered, call 646-247-8909 or 843-877-9527.

You can find Bellamy’s food truck in the 4400 block of Broad Street, across from 701 Pawn Shop.

He is open 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. Monday – Saturday.


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