McLeod Foundation Angels

The McLeod Seacoast Angels granted $2,800, raised by members of the association, to go toward departmental improvements and provide additional support for patients.

The McLeod Seacoast Angels, a women’s healthcare philanthropy group, benefitting McLeod Seacoast, granted $2,800 raised by members of the association. This funding will go toward departmental improvements and provide additional support for patients.

The grants will help in providing funding for the McLeod Health Foundation’s 3D Mammography fundraising initiative at McLeod Seacoast, as well as, support the McLeod Seacoast H.O.P.E. fund which offers assistance for oncology patients who have financial barriers to care.

In addition, the McLeod Seacoast Angels funded a bariatric wheelchair to aid in patient transportation needs within the hospital, wheelchair alarm pads to further care for patients who have increased fall risk and earpieces for emergency department volunteers to aid in communication.

The purpose of the McLeod Seacoast Angels is to provide networking and healthcare-related educational opportunities for women who support the McLeod Foundation and to develop women's knowledge of the impact of philanthropy on healthcare.

The members of McLeod Seacoast Angels meet four times a year with an educational program being presented at each meeting. Educational programs are chosen that are both informative and fun.

McLeod Seacoast Angels membership is open to anyone who is interested in becoming part of the group. If you are interested in attending or need more information, please contact the McLeod Foundation office at (843) 390-8215. If you would like to learn more about the work of the McLeod Foundation, please visit our website at


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