City of Loris

Have you ever wanted to attend a Loris City Council meeting but felt that you would get home too late?

Starting in February, the meetings will begin one-hour earlier after Loris City Council passed a change to an ordinance which now states the meetings will begin at 6 p.m. rather than at 7 p.m.

Mayor Henry Nichols was absent during the Jan. 14 meeting when second reading on the matter took place. The motion for the time changed passed with councilmembers Lewis Hardee and Michael Suggs voting “no.”

Suggs told The Loris Scene the main reason he voted against the time change is because 7 p.m. has always worked well for those who attend the meetings.

He said there are many times when public hearings are held an hour prior to the meetings. The change in time will mean such special meetings will have to be held on a different night than the regular council meetings -- or they will have to begin at 5 p.m. Suggs said that will make it very hard for some members of the public, and some councilmembers, to attend.

“Nobody gave a reason for the change, except to say it needed to change.

Change on the Election Board

One other matter during the short meeting concerned the city Election Commission.

Council agreed to accept the resignation of Chairman Ronald Fowler who has held the position for many years.

He said other obligations he has made it necessary to leave the board.

The Election Commission is a three-person panel. Members serve six-year terms. They are responsible for conducting all general and special municipal election in Loris.

They meet when needed to plan for the elections.

Anyone who would like to serve on the Election Commission can call City Hall at 843-756-4004.


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