Loris City Hall

Sellers General Construction, LLC, will repair Loris City Hall’s damage done by flooding rains of Hurricane Florence in 2018. The work should be completed in early 2020.

Things are progressing for the repairs to Loris City Hall to be complete in early 2020.

That is what Mayor Todd Harrelson had to say now that a contract to do the work has been awarded.

During a recent meeting, Loris City Council voted to approve the hiring of Sellers General Construction, LLC, to repair the damage caused by the flooding rains of Hurricane Florence in 2018.

That company says it can do the work at a cost of $336,856. Carter and Gordon, LLC of Little River submitted a bid of $616,400.

The cost of the work is being paid by FEMA which has already allocated nearly $343,000 for the project.

“By the time all the paperwork is done, and they get everything lined up they need, hopefully in the next couple of weeks, we will be started,” Harrelson said. “And hopefully we will be finished by the deadline and we will be back in city hall by February or March.”

While the exterior of the building will look the same as it did before the damage, there will be some changes inside.

The jury box that was in the room used by Loris City Council will be gone which will make room for more seating, Harrelson said.

He said there will be a new customer lobby and the office staff will be separated by a door, which was not the case previously. He said this is being done for the safety of the workers.


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