City of Loris

As the City of Loris begins to try to get back to some type of normal during the continued COVID 19 pandemic, the Community Programs Committee held a virtual meeting Monday.

Building Official / Code Enforcement Officer Brandon Harrelson said there is hope for some sort of spring sports season if the governor lifts the state of emergency in mid-May as currently planned.

Before the coronavirus pandemic hit, plans were in place for the city to host up to 22 baseball and softball tournaments this year in a new partnership with Top Gun Sports USA.

Top Gun is a company that organizes baseball tournaments.

Teams competing in the tournaments will come not only from South Carolina but also from surrounding states and even other parts of the country.

Plans were in place to also host tournaments from USSSA (United States Specialty Sports Association).

Harrelson said if action can begin sometime in May, it is still possible to host as many as 12 tournaments during and between late spring and early fall.

“We know the kids are itching to play ball but we have to follow the social distancing guidelines,” he said.

He said Dixie Sports is expected to make an announcement by May 11 on what can be expected the rest of this year.

“We hope to salvage at least some of the season. We want to do something so these kids can have some sort of enjoyment.” Harrelson said.

He said if it is eventually decided to cancel the entire season, money that parents have paid for their children to play can be transferred to a fall sport. He said it is too early to talk about refunds.

It was also announced during the meeting County Councilman Paul Prince is trying to obtain money for a new basketball court in the city.

Committee member Jan Vescovi asked if it is possible to redirect that money -- if it becomes available -- for other uses. Maybe for an indoor facility.

“I will talk to him (Prince) about that,” Harrelson responded.

Another topic during the meeting concerned the beautification of the city through a streetscape project.

“That is something we have been working hard on. We want to give downtown a facelift,” Harrelson said.

The work includes repainting and replacing broken slats.

Harrelson said the pandemic has slowed some of the work because of delays in getting needed materials.

Vescovi said she has had some residents who said they would like to see the city create some sort of sitting park along the lines of one in Conway that has benches, murals and a fountain.

“That is something we should look at if the area is conducive and if it fits in the budget,” she said.


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