Kenya Wright

Just two months after Dennis Drozdak took over as the interim administrator for the City of Loris, he has now taken over the jobs of city clerk and city treasurer.

Those two titles were held by Kenya Wright from 2016 until she was stripped of those titles during a quickly called Loris City Council meeting that took place Oct. 3.

Notices of the meeting were not sent out until Oct. 1.

The first nearly two hours of the meeting was spent in executive session with council discussing what was advertised as a “personnel matter.”

After that lengthy closed-door session, council opened the meeting to the public and Councilman Terrance Hardee made a motion to name Drozdak the interim clerk and treasurer.

His motion passed as Wright was on hand taking minutes of the meeting, a job she has done since being placed in that position.

In a conversation with The Loris Scene Friday, Mayor Todd Harrelson would not give any specific reasons why Wright was removed from the position.

When asked if she has a new title, Harrelson said she is now an office worker.

“There has not been a title assigned to her at this point,” Harrelson said, adding she will work alongside Drozdak as he performs most of the clerk and treasurer duties.

“I really cannot discuss the personnel part of it. That is just what we did. That is pretty much all I can say,” Harrelson said. “Basically, what it boils down to is she has the opportunity to learn from a man who has years and years of experience. She is still going to be helping him do everything, but he will basically be the leader. That man has a wealth of knowledge.”

Harrelson did say the clerk and treasurer duties “sort of goes hand-in-hand with what he is doing. He is trying to help us with our stuff until we can hire someone.”

Drozdak has said all along he only wants the administrator’s job on a temporary basis and the city is in the process of looking for a permanent person for the position.

When asked if whoever is hired as the next administrator will also be the clerk and treasurer, Harrelson said “no.”

“In the future it will be just like it was. There will be an administrator and there will be a clerk/treasurer. We are just moving forward this way right now, during this period in time,” Harrelson said.

The Loris Scene reached out to Wright for a comment but received no reply.


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