Chicken Bog

Loris is known for many great things, one of them is the great chicken, rice and sausage recipe known as bog.

It is the only town in the world that has an annual festival dedicated to the delicious meal. However, on most days finding chicken bog in restaurants has been hard to find.

That is about to change because, starting Monday, five Loris businesses will be participating in “Boggin’ Everyday,” an idea first talked about back in March during a Chamber of Commerce lunch.

Jack Murphy, owner of WLSC radio, said Loris is the chicken bog capital of the world, but then asked, “where do I get chicken bog for lunch?”

He said there should be a place that provides the dish for people who visit to be able to order and taste the cuisine.

During Monday night’s Loris City Council meeting, Samantha Norris, executive director of the Loris Chamber of Commerce, announced people will be able to purchase chicken bog at five locations beginning Monday.

“People come into the Chamber and ask where they can get chicken bog and I thought it was crazy you cannot get bog in this town,” she said.

So, she contacted five businesses that will each be serving the dish one day each week.

The schedule is as follows:

Monday - Loris IGA

Tuesday - Tammy's Backyard BBQ

Wednesday - Backstreet Cafe

Thursday - Shorty's Grill

Friday - Tia's Caribbean Taste

Norris said a billboard will be erected announcing the program and it will last for at least three months.

The annual Loris Bog Off Festival takes place Oct. 19.


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