Children enjoy their time at CAPTURE,inc. after school.

“Capturing the lives of young people today for their future tomorrow.”

That is the slogan of Capture Inc., an after-school program center located in a recently renovated building at 4350 Spring Street in Loris.

And even though they are in a new building, Capture Inc. has been a part of Loris for several years and a service in Horry County even longer.

The organization was founded in the Freemont Community in 2001 by Terry McLean and her husband, Phillip.

The couple were both teachers in Horry County before opening the center. Mrs. McLean taught at North Myrtle Beach High.

“It was always a dream of mine to operate my own school and do after-school programs,” she said.

From day one, the small restaurant that was used as their original location was packed with children.

“The first day we opened we had 85 children and they stayed there the entire time,” Mrs. McLean told the Loris Scene during a recent interview. “We started mentoring them and tutoring them and teaching them how to read and write.

It was a very humble beginning as the center had no grants or such money to help with the operations. The children were fed peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Occasionally that was changed to bologna and cheese sandwiches.”

“When we opened up, we realized this was needed and then added other things such as counseling programs. We worked with a lot of at-risk student,” Mrs. McLean said. “At that time, we only had five helpers. Literally, five. Now we have a roster of 64 volunteers.”

In 2010, the center in the Longs area and the couple began a mobile tutoring service.

“We would go to different churches and host tutoring programs,” she said.

Six-years-ago, the McLeans felt the calling to look for another building to house their programs. The former Church of God at 3655 Main Street was available and so a deal was worked out to acquire that property.

At that location, Capture Inc. hosted many things such as food banks, summer programs for children, reading programs and much more.

“We started partnering with some of the certified teachers in the schools. They would come out and teach during the summer,” Mrs. McLean recalled.

About a year ago, the organization moved to its current home on Spring Street where 137 students are now part of the programs which, McClean said, are very structured.

Once a student gets off the school bus, they go to the cafeteria where they get a snack. After that, they break up into grade levels and do homework.

“If they don’t have homework, we have our own tutoring and reading programs to help them stay on task,” Mrs. McLean said. “We feed every child a hot meal before they leave to go home. A full dinner.”

Because of the extra room the organization has in its current building, more programs will be added in the future. The first is a daycare service -- Capture Child Development Center -- that will be offered starting in January.

That will be available for infants through 3-years-of-age.

“We have people coming in every day to sign up,” McClean said.

A long-range goal is to begin a charter school for at-risk children. She said it will be “arts and career” oriented and should open in the fall of 2020. It will be for 4-year-olds through fifth grade.

“We want to bring a creative learning style that will accommodate the child,” she said.

Right now, programs offered after-school at Capture Inc. include a drama club on Friday evenings, a reading program, a kids club that offers home ec types of training, and a 4-H service to teach gardening.

“We do have an 11-week summer camp where parents can drop their kids off at 7:30 in the morning and pick them up at 6 PM,” McLean said.

She said there is still room for more students in the after-school programs. The cost is $25 per week.

To find out more, call 843-877-1226.


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