Brandon Harrelson

Brandon Harrelson

Next week is the deadline for anyone to apply to be the next administrator for the City of Loris.

But, as of Tuesday, the person doing the job on an interim basis is Brandon Harrelson -- who is also the city’s building official and code enforcement director. In the past few months, he has also been handling much of the city’s parks and recreation duties.

During a special meeting Monday evening, Loris City Council held a very lengthy executive session. After that, once back in the open meeting, Councilmember Jan Vescovi made the motion to offer the administrator’s position -- on an interim basis -- to Harrelson.

The rest of the council members who were present voted in favor of the motion. Councilmember Joan Gause was absent due to sickness.

Mayor Todd Harrelson said he is sure Brandon Harrelson will do a good job as long as he is needed.

“Because of his work ethic, we know Brandon is someone who can do the job,” Harrelson said. “He is very good at what he does and people trust his decision making.”

The mayor said Brandon Harrelson will continue doing his other duties while he serves as administrator. He said he will get a pay increase for the added work but he does not know yet how much of an increase it will be.

Currently, Brandon Harrelson earns around $65,000.

When asked if he thinks Brandon will apply for the administrator’s position permanently, the mayor said, “I do not know.”

Brandon Harrelson could not be reached by this week’s deadline.

Although $75,000 has been allocated for the administrator’s position in the 2020-21 budget, the salary of the new administrator will be based on the person’s experience.

The deadline for applying is July 31. It is unknown how long it will take to hire someone after the deadline passes.

Causey named clerk

Brandon Harrelson was not the only person given a new job title during Monday’s meeting.

Amanda Causey, the city’s office manager and head of the city’s water and sewer administration is now the city clerk.

Until Monday’s meeting, the administrator has also been acting as the city’s clerk and treasurer. It was decided after the recent departure of interim administrator Dennis Drozdak, the jobs of clerk and treasurer will be separated and someone would be hired to do each of those jobs.

The mayor said Causey will continue to serve in the water and sewer department while performing the task of clerk.

The duties of the city clerk include providing notification about all Loris City Council meetings, attending the meetings to keep the minutes, to keep the city seal, and other jobs that pertain to council.

Mayor Harrelson said the city is still looking for someone to hire as treasurer. Currently, that job is being performed by the city’s clerk of court, Jenna Winborne.


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