Loris Garden Club hosted the annual Coastal District Spring Luncheon/Meeting Thursday of this past week at the McLeod Loris Fitness Center.

More than 150 gardeners from Horry, Georgetown, Dillon, Florence and Williamsburg counties were in attendance for the event facilitated by Coastal District Director, David Stoudenmire.

There were two guest speakers for the event: Patricia Binder, president of The Garden Club of South Carolina and Dr. Muriel O’Tuel, a local author and former educator.

“This is the day we celebrate the accomplishments of the more than 20 clubs in the district,” Stoudenmire said.

He said there were 10 vendors on hand for the event displaying and selling items from local gardens.

“There has always been a good turnout for the spring meeting,” Stoudenmire added.

The spring meeting is held in Loris every nine years as it rotates throughout the district.

Binder said she was very happy to see such a large turnout, especially in the wake of the coronavirus threat. There was a lot of hand sanitizer available for the attendees.

“This is an amazing turnout, but it is not a surprise. In general, we have at least 100-150 members attend most of our gatherings,” she said.

She spoke about the group’s two-year initiative which is called ‘Garden FOR Life.’ The ‘FOR’ stands for Focus on Relationships.

“We are trying to practice a reconciliation technique in all of our landscapes to reconcile all of the natural resources we are losing with our population growth,” she said.


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