Voting ballots

Filing for state and local offices opened Monday and more than three dozen candidates signed up to run.

Filing continues through noon on March 30, meaning there’s plenty of time for other candidates enter the races. 

Primaries are scheduled for June 9 and the general election is set for Nov. 3.

Here’s the list of candidates who filed on Day 1:

Phillip Thompson, Horry County Sheriff (R)*

Cam Crawford, Horry County Council District 6 seat (R)*

Gary Loftus, Horry County Council District 4 seat (R)*

Angie Jones, Horry County Treasurer (R)*

R.A. Johnson, Horry County Auditor (R)

Kevin Hardee, S.C. House District 105 (R)*

Ronnie Sabb, S.C. Senate District 32 (D)*

Russell Fry, S.C. House District 106* (R)

Heather Ammons Crawford, S.C. House District 68* (R)

Lucas Atkinson, S.C. House District 57 (D)*

John Gallman, S.C. Senate District 33 (R)

Terry Fowler, Horry County Council District 9 seat (R)

Mckean Nowlin, Horry County Board of Education District 4 seat (R)

James Edwards, Horry County Board of Education District 9 seat (R)

James Harrison, U.S. Senate (D)

Marshall Russell, Horry County Council District 9 seat (R)

Beth Calhoun, Horry County Auditor (R)

Renee Elvis, Horry County Clerk of Court (R)*

Alan Clemmons, S.C. House District 107 (R)*

Duke Buckner, U.S. Senate (R)

John Poston, Horry County Board of Education District 8 seat (R)*

Robert Edge, Horry County Coroner (R)*

Stephen Goldfinch, S.C. Senate District 34 (R)*

Jackie Hayes, S.C. House District 55 (D)*

William Bailey, S.C. House District 104 (R)*

Rome Prince, Horry County Council District 9 seat (R)

Miko Pickett, S.C. House District 57 (D)

Manley Marvell Collins, S.C. Senate District 32 (D)

Mark Causey, Horry County Council District 9 seat (R)

Greg Hembree, S.C. Senate District 28 (R)*

Tim McGinnis, S.C. House District 56 (R)*

Russell Freeman, Horry County Board of Education District 1 seat (R)*

Kent Williams, S.C. Senate District 30 (D)*

Danny Hardee, Horry County Council District 10 seat (R)*

Carl Anderson, S.C. House District 103 (D)*

*Denotes incumbent

Contact Charles D. Perry at 843-488-7236


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