Solar Power

To the Editor,

I was so disappointed to read that the utilities undermined progress yet again by defeating a promising bill passed last week that would’ve enabled customers to choose solar and be reimbursed at fair market rates. Duke Energy is quoted as saying they want what’s “fair,” but it’s clear they and the other South Carolina utilities only want what’s fair to their companies - not their customers.

Every other business I know of is subject to market conditions, which means if demand for their product decreases, they make less money. That’s fair. That’s how business works. The utilities, on the other hand, think they’re entitled to continue to earn on the same volume of electricity they’ve been selling, regardless of whether customers are using less through efficiency or using other forms through renewables. That’s not fair. That’s not how business works.

Do the for-profit utilities really expect us to feel sorry for them that their massive earnings might take a minor hit if enough of us install renewable energy and they don’t get to sell us as much of their nuclear, coal and gas? I certainly don’t.

Mark Collins

Murrells Inlet

Social Media Coordinator for Waccamaw Publishers. 


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