Horry County election officials will recount ballots Friday afternoon after state officials called for another tallying of votes.

The only local race that would have required a recount was Horry County Council District 2, where challenger Bill Howard defeated incumbent Brent Schulz by 19 votes.

Election officials also confirmed there will be a June 24 runoff between County Council District 5 candidates Reese Boyd and Tyler Servant.

Unofficial results Tuesday originally indicated a runoff would be between Servant, the top vote getter, and Clif Smith because no candidate in the four-man race received more than 50 percent of the vote.

But on Wednesday morning election officials discovered Smith had incorrectly received about 300 votes.

Sandy Martin, director of the county office of elections and voter registration, said the problem stemmed from 525 paper absentee ballots, which were scanned into a computer. When they rechecked the results Wednesday, officials realized the unofficial totals were incorrect.

Martin said officials are baffled by the error.

"We're still actually working with the State Election Commission," she said. "They're not sure at this point if it's a coding issue or exactly what it is."

The only other race significantly affected by the absentee ballot mishap was the one for state House District 58.

Initially, the results showed a runoff would be between Jeff Johnson, who received the most votes, and Jeffrey Garland.

But after the error was corrected, Johnson had enough votes to when the seat outright. Garland actually finished third in the race behind RA Johnson.

Friday's recount will take place at 1:30 p.m. at the county elections office on Fourth Avenue in Conway.


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