NMB Parking

A city-owned parking lot connected to Ocean Boulevard in Windy Hill. Photo by Christian Boschult 

North Myrtle Beach on Monday opened up registration for complimentary parking decals available to North Myrtle residents and non-resident property owners. 

The decals allow residents and non-resident property owners to park for free in city-owned parking lots during the paid parking season, which starts March 1 and lasts through Oct. 31.

All decals issued in 2020 have expired and the new decals are good for two years. 

North Myrtle residents can get two parking decals to be used on their SCDMV-registered golf cart, motorcycle or vehicle as long as they fit into a standard space and are registered to their North Myrtle Beach address. Those households can purchase a third decal for an additional $200.

Non-resident property owners can get one free decal and a second decal for $200 as long as the car is registered in the property owner’s name. Proof of residency is required. 

To register for a resident or non-resident decal, click here or visit the old Santee Cooper building at 904 2nd Avenue North. Decals are no longer available through city hall. 

On Feb. 15, the city will start offering 200 parking decals for $200 to Horry County residents who don’t live or own property in North Myrtle Beach. The decals can only be purchased online starting Feb. 15. The decals are sold on a first-come, first-serve basis and aren’t available for in-person purchase. 

For more information about the city’s parking decal program, call 843-663-8650 or email parking@nmb.us



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