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The Horry County Republican Party voted to censure State GOP Chairman Drew McKissick this week for condemning an ascendant faction within the party’s Greenville chapter.

“This is about the chair breaking the rules and stating a club will be the conduit for all official business of the SCGOP in Greenville County,” said Tracy Diaz, HCGOP’s state executive committeewoman who is known in the podcasting world as Tracy Beanz. “With the wave of a wand, he ineffectuated the entire Greenville GOP.”

HCGOP’s censure on Monday stemmed from a prolonged dispute in the Greenville chapter between its then-state executive committee members and a faction of local executive committee members aligned with My SCGOP. 

My SCGOP is a Republican group affiliated with Diaz and failed-state S.C. GOP chairman candidate Lin Wood, both of whom have been outspoken purveyors of election fraud and QAnon conspiracies — the latter of which posits that the government is secretly controlled by a cabal of satanic pedophiles who retain their youth by drinking the blood of their victims.

During a Saturday speech at My SCGOP’s Liberty for All event in Spartanburg, Wood spoke at length about Q and referenced adrenochrome, the supposedly rejuvenating property of human blood.

“I say to people, 'Who is Q?” Wood proclaimed to a rapt audience. “You are Q. You are the people that oppose child sex trafficking, that oppose pedophilia, that oppose one world government, that oppose sacrificing children for adrenochrome.”

In response to the Horry County GOP's vote, S.C. GOP Communications Director Claire Robinson denied any rule-breaking or revoking the Greenville chapter’s powers, but acknowledged the party would primarily rely on the Greenville Republican clubs.

“Whatever leadership is elected by Greenville County Committee to take over the officers that resigned, they’ll still be on the state executive committee,” she explained, adding that the state chair can work through clubs at his discretion. “Where we choose to recruit volunteers, we intend on using the club.”

While party chapters conduct official business and work on campaigns, clubs organize party members for social purposes like breakfasts and guest speakers.

According to Robinson, the chair, vice chair and state representative of GCGOP all resigned following persistent harassment from those affiliated with MySCGOP.

“They have caused problems in Greenville, screaming, drawing out meetings, calling employers of leadership,” Robinson said.

In a resignation letter posted to Facebook Thursday, the chair, vice chair and state representative collectively detailed their clashes with the faction. 

“We have been constantly railroaded the entire time, directly caused by leadership from My SCGOP and the Greenville Tea Party,” the post read. “It has been made exponentially clear to us that by leadership within these entities that their focus will solely be on continued in-fighting (sic), discord, and placing continual barriers to any attempts at effective work on our behalf.”

“Continual lawsuits threat of lawsuits, intimidation, threats, bullying, disenfranchisement, and character assassination,” the statement continued, “as promised by the leadership of mySCGOP.com and the Greenville Tea Party do not advance anything positive.”

In response, McKissick denounced the faction in an interview with The Post and Courier that same day.

“They have essentially preyed on Trump supporters, telling them the county and state organizations don’t support President Trump, which is a total lie, and then they’ve gone forward spreading rumors and innuendos about people — everything from sex trafficking to embezzlement to rigging elections, all this garbage,” McKissick told the Post and Courier. 

“It will fall into a state of disrepair, become a complete dumpster fire and essentially be a leper colony for the next year and a half,” McKissick continued. 

Robinson said the chairman's statement referred to the toxicity of the faction.

“He said that the county party will become a leper colony, alluding to the fact that back in the day people didn’t want anything to do with leprosy,” she said. 

The vote

At Monday's Horry County meeting, the censure vote followed several delays and shouting matches among some attendees and at times the top leadership.

When the motion initially arose at the top of the agenda, EC Larry Richardson motioned to delay the resolution until the end of the meeting. Against the wishes of the state executive committee members, the motion passed.

The resolution was subjected to three more motions, all by Richardson. The first to postpone the resolution to the next meeting; the second to adjourn the meeting altogether; and the third to vote on each section of the resolution.

During discussions, many opposed to the resolution said it wasn’t their business, worked against unity or was based on a misreading of McKissick’s statements.

Diaz repeatedly stated that the state chair called the party lepers. Many called that a misreading, saying he was warning that no one would want to associate with a toxic local party.

Horry County GOP Chairman Roger Slagle downplayed the bullying claims.

“Any of the allegations of any bullying or whatever are completely unsubstantiated from everything that I’ve heard,” Slagle said. 

Slagle opined that the fracas resulted from a report that found issues with the party leadership’s election.

“When the new leadership was put in place back in March or April, one of the first things that happened was a body, a committee was formed to investigate during the convention, with the election and that’s what came out,” Slagle said. “When the report came out, the body of ECs just like you demanded for their resignations based on the result. I don’t see how that’s bullying.”

Several people, most of whom with the opposing side, left the meeting before a final vote. 

After screaming over Diaz while trying to submit a fourth motion, Richardson was ejected from the meeting. 

Following his removal, Diaz accused him of trying to run out the clock.

“What I’m seeing, because we follow the rules and do things the right way, are people abusing parliamentary procedure to draw out these meetings to cause issues so that we can never get any business done,” she said. 

The motion, around 10 minutes past the meeting’s official end time and with fewer ECs, passed overwhelmingly. 

“This is not going to help me when I go up to Columbia,” Diaz said shortly before the vote, “but I don’t care.”

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