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Horry County Council candidate Jeremy Halpin speaks at a news conference Monday afternoon in a flooded neighborhood. 

A Socastee Republican running for Horry County Council said he was fired from his job as a mortgage lender Monday, one day after he posted a Facebook video questioning a local Realtor association.

Jeremy Halpin, who is running against Horry County Councilman Cam Crawford for the District 6 seat, made the announcement during a news conference at Socastee’s Lawson’s Landing community, where floodwaters could be seen on roads in the neighborhood.

“At the end of the day, I feel what I’m doing in Horry County is bigger than me, and it’s more important than my personal job,” he said. “I can find another job.”

In the video shared on the Elect Jeremy Halpin for Horry County Council Facebook page Sunday, Halpin identified himself as a mortgage lender with U.S. Mortgage Corporation and a member of the Coastal Carolinas Association of Realtors (CCAR). U.S. Mortgage is listed as a CCAR affiliate on the association’s website.

Halpin said he did a video interview with CCAR, which ended up endorsing his opponent. The association did not recommend Halpin and did not list Halpin as being qualified. 

In the video, Halpin questioned CCAR’s decision to not call him qualified as a mortgage lender in the real estate industry.

He also blasted the county's development trends.

“We’re going to build 100,000 homes-plus in the next 20 years,” he said in the video. “We don’t have room for it. We’re already flooding. Stop. Slow down. We need to do things responsibly. We’re throwing things up too fast. We don’t know what the effects are going to be.”

At Monday’s news conference, Halpin said he wanted to inform the community about his termination as part of his efforts to be transparent. He said he was told his actions could have adverse effects for his now former co-workers. 

Halpin said he will continue to fight for the people of Horry County regarding “irresponsible overdevelopment.”

“I stand by what I said,” he said.

Halpin, who also does landscaping work, has been in the mortgage lending business for about four years and was with the company he was terminated from for a little over two years, he said.

While Halpin did not mention U.S. Mortgage by name during the news conference, he praised his former employer.
Halpin added that his firing came as a shock. He feels as a lender, he was good at his job and knowledgeable about what was happening in the market.
Flooding is a hot-button issue in several local races. Horry County communities such as the Conway and Socastee areas have seen recent flooding this past week.
During the last few months, Halpin said he’s spoken with several flood victims and saw what they were going through, saying, “Enough is enough.”
“We’re flooding all around Horry County,” Halpin said while standing in floodwaters. “Conway, Lee's Landing, 90, 905. You name it, we’re flooding.”
He said developers cannot continue to fill up and build on swamp lands and wetlands and clear-cut trees and forests to “make room for people we just don’t have room for.”
Halpin stressed he does not advocate halting development entirely, but he wants responsible development and local leaders to “stop … doing whatever we care to do without any regard for the repercussions.”
Halpin said over the years the county council has failed to provide answers regarding flooding and that officials should be finding ways to have water exit communities just as fast as it entered them.
“If we let these builders and developers continue to run amok, it doesn’t matter what we do.”
A local representative for U.S. Mortgage Corporation could not be reached for comment. On Monday afternoon, Halpin was still listed as a loan officer on the company's website.
A CCAR spokesperson also could not be reached.

Contact Charles D. Perry at 843-488-7236


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Thank you Mr. Halpin for trying to say why these floods are happening.

I am one of the suckers that bought a house that recently got flooded in the Bridgecreek area. I knew that I might get flooded if a hurricane hit but I did not expect a good thunderstorm to do it! We bought this house with the intention of retiring in it but I dont know what we are going to do now. we are kinda locked into this house now because we have a mortgage and noone wants to buy a house that gets flooded everytime a storm hits. My only choice right now is to somehow find some money that we dont have and get the house lifted. My wife is on disability and I can only make so much. I know that I am not the only one in a pickle but it seems like the county just wants to keep ignoring the problem. Maybe its time the Army corp of engineers helps.


Thank you for making awareness more important than $$$. What ever happened to the 1% impact tax on builders? Hope you succeed in whatever you do.


I live in Lawson's Landing and I'm no rocket scientist, but I'm pretty sure there is bacteria in that water and we have a 5' gator now. You are really brave.


I bought my house in 1998 in Rosewood. I live on lake and across from the public access to the waterway. Prior to 2015 thete were occasions where water would stand in our yards as lake came up in backyatd, and overflow drains would fill our front yards. We could however drive our cars carefully to go to work etc.

This began changing in 2015.

Hurricanes ate one thing. But in 2020 my house is completely surrounded with water touching the bricks and foundation. Water is now in the den and street has water above our knees, water in yard over 2 feet. Something has changed

Developments filled and built above us and now 2 new ones on 707. You don't have to be an engineer to figure it out. This is flooding, not nuisance water.


I have lived here for six years and have witnessed all of the flooding living here in Conway. I am very concerned resident regarding the flooding. When I approached the city administrator this past week, I was informed it was considered nuisance water and there really wasn’t anything that could be done it was just nature. I don’t believe this for a minute I believe it’s exactly what Jeremy has stated it is over development plain and simple. We the citizens really need to ban together and make sure our beloved land is treated properly in the citizens that already live here are not flooded out of our properties.

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