Gov. Henry McMaster

Gov. Henry McMaster on Monday issued a “home or work” order, which creates mandatory social distancing policies in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19.

The order, which takes effect at 5 p.m. Tuesday, mandates that residents stay home unless they are working, visiting family, exercising or obtaining necessary goods and services. The new policy also requires retail stores to limit traffic to five customers per 1,000 square feet or 20% of their capacity, whichever is less.

“It is now time to make these recommended actions required,” he said. “Why is it time? … Too many people are on the roads. Too many people are on the waters. Too many people are in the stores. Too many people are not complying with our requests regarding social distance. We’ve asked, we’ve urged, we’ve suggested …  the last week has shown that it’s not enough.”

McMaster said he knows the policy — which follows his orders to close bars, dine-in restaurants and non-essential businesses — will continue to cause economic hardship, but he stressed residents' financial struggles will be worse without this public health strategy.

“This is a stay-at-home order,” he said.

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The Colonel

I watched this guys squirm news conference after news conference ans those reporters badgered him about a stay home order. I knew he would cave, and he did. What he's done is ensure he's through as governor of SC. I will vote for anybody but him, and even campaign against him. He does not deserve the office. He's put the entire state on house arrset for a flu that has a less than 1% fatality rate, a low incidence in the state despite our free movement waiting for apocalyptic numbers that will not happen. Hospitals have census so low they are desperately laying off and cutting hours. I know this for a fact. He'll lose his job for this, I guarantee it.


The over reaction by the governor is shocking. It's like he is trying to remain important. Never will I comply with an order restricting my civil liberties. Molon Labe


I'll stay home when they close all golf courses


In what way, exactly, would our “financial struggles be worse?” I would like to see the Governor forfeit his salary; he is employed by We The People of South Carolina after all. He has no idea what our financial struggles are or will be; I guarantee we will vote him out of a job if he keeps this up. The government cannot seize our liberty or mandate our pursuit of happiness. Slowing the spread doesn’t solve the problem, the cure is worse than the disease. Exponentially more people will suffer gravely from financial struggles than from Covid-19. I was proud of our State’s measured response until the Governor’s tantrum over people exhibiting their free will. I don’t care to live in a country where the government tells me what to do. Will Mr. McMaster begin locking us in our homes from the outside as they did in China? Ben Franklin said that those who would sacrifice their liberty for safety deserve neither. This is a slippery slope.


Ahhh, a Fellow American who GETS IT. Kudos Mike for speaking the truth via your keyboard! Stay healthy and safe.


I live in Mass. and just bought a place in Little River. We have no stay at home order here. There are about 35 deaths and 1300 new cases daily and it seems to have leveled off. Nothing is open anyway, there is no where to go! Looking at the numbers in SC compared to Mass. where we have kept our liberty is a joke. SC had 3 deaths reported yesterday attributed to the virus and 2400 total cases. When we relocate which will be soon, we will be members of the governors party and I will never vote for that man!

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