elm st riverfest entrance

The Riverfest activities will involve a road closure from the Elm Street railroad tracks all the way to the Marina. The boat ramp will be closed for Riverfest again this year. 

Heading to the Conway Riverfest could be a lucrative trip this year.

Saturday’s festival will feature a booth with representatives from the Horry County and state treasurers. From 11 a.m. until 3 p.m., their table will allow taxpayers to check their names against a list of locals who are due refunds.

“Check and see if we owe you some money,” Horry County Treasurer Angie Jones said.

The Horry County office handles refunds from the last five years. Those older than that are the purview of the state Treasurer Curtis Loftis.

If a taxpayer’s name is in the local or state records, that person could fill out paperwork at the Riverfest booth and the office handling the refund will send a check in the coming week.

“You can do it right there,” Jones said.

The total amount of money owed to local taxpayers is over $500,000 in the Horry County office. Loftis’ online records indicate his office has more than $30.6 million due to Horry taxpayers. 

Some people simply paid more taxes than they were required to. In other cases, mortgage companies overpaid. Many of the people on the list are folks who initially paid the tax rate for a second home rather than a lower rate for a primary residence.

In South Carolina, taxes on owner-occupied homes are based on 4 percent of their fair market value, while taxes on second homes and investment properties are calculated with a 6 percent rate.

No third-party vendors will be allowed to collect any money.

Contact Charles D. Perry at 843-488-7236


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