September Student of the Month

September Student of the Month is senior Madison Smart at Conway High School. Smart has been a part of the Conway community her entire life. 

 Smart not only is a part of the Conway Varsity Cheer Team, she is also a member of several other clubs and activities. She is a member of student council, Key Club, National Honor Society, Math Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society, Science Honor Society and STEM Honor Societies. She said she enjoys these clubs because they allow her to be an active member outside of school in the community and give back.

Two teachers who have made an impact in her education were her middle school English teacher, Ms Penager, and her medical class teacher, Ms. Watson. 

“Ms.Penager was always there for me,” Smart said. “She gave me so much life advice on what to focus on and how to stay positive.” 

 High school teacher Ms. Watson has helped guide Smart and find the right path in the medical field for Smart’s future plans. 

Classes involving the STEM program in health sciences have been Smart’s favorite classes in school. This academic year, she has been able to take a pharmacy class. 

“This year, we get to take a pharmacy tech license class,” Smart said. “That means when I graduate high school in the spring I can graduate with my pharm tech license if I pass.”

The STEM program includes classes that students can take that focus on science, technology, engineering and math. 

“It’s my favorite subject because it’s the most challenging and it helps me prepare for my future,” she says. 

Smart plans to use everything she has learned from the STEM program at Conway High to help her throughout her studies at the University of South Carolina, where she plans to major in nursing. 

“I just love helping people, I talk a lot and I’m very community oriented,” Smart said. “I want to be able to help people.”

 Once she completes her bachelors degree in nursing, Smart hopes to work toward a masters degree to become a nurse practitioner, specifically within the trauma field. Her older cousin is the person who inspired her to want a career in the trauma field. 

“My cousin works in the trauma unit as an RN and she’s always told me how much she loves her job,” Smart said. 

 She danced for 10 years at Sally Woody's School of Dance and the last 6 years cheering for Conway. 

“I started cheer in 7th grade and really liked it so I kept going with it,” she said. 

 This is her fourth year on varsity and, although she has taken some years off of dancing to focus on competition cheer, she is determined to dance at the collegiate level next year. Smart and three of her closest friends are hoping to all go to University of South Carolina next fall and room together.  

Outside of school, Smart enjoys hanging out with her friends. 

“Going to the beach is one of my favorite things to do. The river also,” Smart said. 

She also works at Papa’s Grill & Convenience on 905 in Conway and seasonally at Papa’s General Store. 

Student of the Month is sponsored by & in memory of Ray Winters, Attorney At Law.

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