Bi-Lo on North Myrtle Main Street

The Bi-Lo on Main Street in North Myrtle Beach will close by the end of March.

North Myrtle Beach and Conway will each lose a grocery store after Florida-based Southeastern Grocers decided to close two of their under-performing stores in the area. 

Southeastern Grocers is the parent company of both Bi-Lo and Harveys Supermarket.

North Myrtle Beach will lose the Bi-Lo at 720 N. Main St., and Conway will lose the Harveys at 901 Church St. 

Southeastern Grocers said in a statement that both stores would be closed by March 25. 

Shopper Rick Savard said he goes to the Bi-Lo in North Myrtle Beach every week. 

"It's convenient, it's close to us," he said. "I feel sad. Anytime something closes like this, it's a sad situation. A lot of people out of work."

Savard said he plans to go the Bi-Lo on U.S. 17 in Windy Hill after the Main Street location closes.

In the statement, Southeastern Grocers spokesman Joe Caldwell said the company is aware the closure could be "challenging" for the community. 

"We do not take these decisions lightly, and only make this tough choice after careful consideration of its impact on our associates and our customers has been made," Caldwell said in the statement.

"The successful execution of our strategy will at times require us to make difficult decisions that may impact some of our associates," Caldwell added. "We are committed to ensuring all associates are treated with the dignity, respect and compassion they deserve. They were the first to know of this decision and have our dedicated support during this transition."

Caldwell said the company would not be granting interviews and was focused on supporting workers in the stores that are closing. 


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