Arambula family

Diane, Eddie and Gabby Arambula evacuated to the home of Diane’s mother, Irene Moshelli in Old Bridge, New Jersey, a stranger in North Carolina helped them get home.

Everything was going well for Southgate residents Eddie, Diane and their 17-year-old daughter Gabby Arambula until their GPS stopped directing them.

They’d evacuated to Old Bridge, New Jersey to Diane’s mother, Irene Moshelli.

They were coming home on Monday night, and were on Route 311 near Whiteville, North Carolina when they ran into trouble.

“The GPS took us to a road that was closed, and had water on it,” Diane Arambula said.

Her husband asked her what the GPS was telling them to do, and she could only say, Nothing.

“The tension in the car was terrible because we had no idea what we were going to do.

“The whole town was dark, there was no electric.”

Diane remembered seeing a police car turn into a gas station a little ways back, and suggested they turn back to find him.

The policeman was gone, but a man in a truck wearing a black sheriff’s shirt, the man the policeman had been talking to, was still there.

“The man pulled out a notebook, turned to a certain page [of directions], and told me to make sure I understood what it said,” Diane Arambula said.

The man, whose name turned out to be Rodney, told her to take a picture of the page.

“He gave me his phone number and told me to call him if we had any problems. He also told me to call him when we were safe at home.”

He reassured them, saying he’d given directions to other people from Myrtle Beach, and they’d all made it home safely.

Two hours later, the Arambula family, including their 13-year-old Pomeranian, Coco, were safe and sound in their Carolina Forest home.

They called Rodney to tell him they were one more family he had helped navigate through Hurricane Florence.

“It felt wonderful to get home,” Diane Arambula said the next morning, as she and her husband prepared to go to work.


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