New construction at Fresh Drive strip mall

A nail salon, a smoothie shop and two restaurants will be built on this site beside Lowes Foods.

The area of Fresh Drive in Carolina Forest, already home to businesses that include Lowes Foods, will add five more businesses in the spring.

“Late in the first quarter” is when leasing agent Eddie Bushong said he expects the new multi-tenant building to be up and running.

“It all depends on the weather and construction,” he said. “When the owner finishes their work and turns it over to the tenants, then it depends on when the tenants get their work done.”

In addition to Tropical Smoothie Café, Jersey Mike’s Subs, and J. Peters Bar & Grill, a national hair salon will be going into a fourth area, with a fifth still available.

Bushong, with Dial, Dunlop & Edwards LLC, said the remaining 1,500 square-foot space is the only one that was not pre-leased.

A retail business is most desirable, Bushong said, for the still un-leased area, but an eatery is also possible.

“We can do food because we have full cross parking which means we have access to all the parking in the shopping center.”

The leasing agent said “Anyone who’s interested can call me at 843-997-5332, and I’ll be glad to talk to them.”

That still un-leased area is in the center of the strip mall, next to J. Peters Bar & Grill.

“We’ll sit back and make a good choice for the community,” Bushong said about what business would eventually fill the un-leased space.

Tropical Smoothie Café has franchises in all but four states. Jersey Mikes has 1,300 locations, and J. Peters Bar & Grill has 12 locations in South Carolina and Georgia.

Bushong said the Fresh Drive area is extremely desirable for businesses. “There are a lot of people that live in this area, there’s a lot of traffic, and it’s all supply and demand.

“There’s more demand than there is supply as far as small shops in the market.”

The leasing agent said 85 percent of that building was pre-leased before construction began.

Take 5 Oil Change is also planning to be open for business in the Forest Square shopping area, at the other end of The Forest, in May 2019, according to a document filed with Horry County Government.

A representative of HensonFoley, landscape and civil engineers for the property, said their client is NLJ Ventures LLC.

NLJ ventures LLC could not be reached for comment.


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