Ana Mabry

Ana Mabry, owner of A.S.K. Nutrition, offers free health and wellness classes each Wednesday beginning May 29 at 7 p.m. The classes will be next door to A.S.K. Nutrition at La Dolci Mania, 2060 Oakheart Road in the Shoppes at Forest Square in Carolina Forest.

Ana Mabry wants the community to know what she knows, and is holding free health and wellness classes on Wednesday evenings.

Starting May 29 at 7 p.m., Mabry, who owns A.S.K. Nutrition, will hold the classes right next door at La Dolci Mania, 2060 Oakheart Road in the Shoppes at Forest Square in Carolina Forest.

That location will hold about 60 people in comfortable seating. RSVP on the Facebook page, A.S.K. Nutrition.

“There are so many different health concerns and issues, and now more than ever people are looking for quality of life and wellness,” Mabry says. “People are seeking real solutions, and what health and wellness means to you isn’t what it means to someone else.”

Topics will include basics such as how to shop for groceries and food preparation.

CBD oil, heart health, probiotics and gut health, the importance of collagen, pain management, and diabetes, which usually goes hand in hand with stress and anxiety, will be covered.

Topics will also include proper nutrition, what time of day and in what quantity to take supplements, how to get enough protein, how much sleep individuals need, how to have energy without sugar, exosome therapy and stem cell treatment, herbal medicine and homeopathic remedies.

Mabry will introduce the My Blueprint Your DNA program, cutting-edge technology that identifies unique genetic situations. There is a charge for that program, but Mabry wants people to know it is available to them.

She’ll answer questions from the guests at the meetings, and she is also available for free consultations.

Seminars such as these cost as much as $600 locally, but Mabry is providing them at no cost because she sees so much misinformation being circulated.

Genuinely concerned about their health and wellness, it’s not unusual for her to ask a customer if they’ll permit her to pray with them.

Mabry, who lives in Carolina Forest, knows her customers by name and is discreet, honest and conscious of respecting their privacy.

A.S.K. Nutrition is at 2080 Oakheart Road and the phone number is 843-236-2900. The website is

“People are coming in all the time with concerns that are not being addressed anywhere, and I want to address them,” she says.

One of the things people seem most interested in is weight loss. She’ll address the many fad diets in the marketplace such as the Keto diet and the low-carb, high-protein route.

“There are so many myths out there and we need to clarify them,” she says.

Mabry has been studying health and nutrition for more than 20 years and has worked, she says, “with some of the smartest formulators in the industry.”

Her own educational journey started when her mother was sick, and after being misdiagnosed for two years, was told she had stage 4 lung cancer.

Given a prognosis of less than six months, Mabry’s mother lived a year and a half.

Mabry had moved in with her mother, giving her herbal supplements, organic juices and healthy foods to build up her immune system.

“Her overall health improved, and if they didn’t cut her open, she would have lived longer,” she says about her mother.

“I want to show people the path to wellness and to help them map out the optimal potential for their future,” she says about the classes, which will run about an hour each week.

Everyone is welcome, and parents shouldn’t hesitate to bring their children, Mabry says.

“They might as well start learning about health and wellness early.”­


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