Ruxin Taco

Ruxin Taco is the dog of Grumpy Monk owner Chris Evans. Evans plans to open a dog-friendly restaurant in Carolina Forest next year called The Sneaky Beagle. 

Pup owners will soon be able to dine with their dogs in Carolina Forest.

The folks behind The Grumpy Monk plan to open The Sneaky Beagle, a dog-friendly restaurant, in the River Oaks Drive area of The Forest early next year.

There's something about dogs that just makes you happy, said Chris Evans, who runs three Grumpy Monk establishments in the Carolinas with partner Heri Heyadi. "Theyre friends. 

Two Grumpy Monks are in Horry County. One is in Carolina Forest off U.S. 501 and opened in 2015. The newest location is in Myrtle Beach at Broadway at the Beach and opened earlier this year.

Evans, who is originally from Buffalo, New York, and attended Coastal Carolina University, said plans are to open two more Grumpy Monk locations in the county: one on the North Strand and another on the South Strand.

The Sneaky Beagle will operate as a sister establishment to The Grumpy Monk and offer a new menu.

The Grumpy Monks selections include craft beer as well as sushi and other dishes like burgers, steaks and seafood.

The dog-friendly diner, however, will offer sandwiches and tacos as well as salads. Sushi will also be offered at The Sneaky Beagle. Craft beer and craft cider will be served as well as wine by the glass.

The part of the eatery that is dog-friendly will be outside, as the restaurant will have a large deck area. The dog menu will consist of items such as chicken breast and rice and frozen yogurt.

There will also be indoor seating, with the inside area operating as a normal restaurant. 

The Sneaky Beagle will also deviate from The Grumpy Monks rustic and casual atmosphere, Evans said, in that it will be quirkier and brighter.

He mentioned decorations like English streetlights and photos such as a framed picture of Yoda with headphones that will be in the new spot.

Evans himself has a beagle named Ruxin Taco.

There's really not a lot of places to take him, he said.

He also lives on the back end of Carolina Forest.

I have a bunch of friends, young professionals, a lot of them with dogs, he said. They have nowhere to go.

He recalled living in New Orleans, Louisiana, and visiting a local restaurant there with a small deck that welcomed dogs.

He said the goal of the new restaurant is to offer patrons, including locals who eat at The Grumpy Monk regularly, something new.

We've got a good local following, he said, adding Carolina Forest is a growing market.

While dogs are welcome to lounge with their owners on the outside decks of the Grumpy Monks in Horry County, the outside part of the new restaurant is focused on accommodating dogs.

There will be watering holes and pet toys there to ensure pups are hydrated and entertained. The new restaurant will also have signage discouraging customers from bringing dogs that dont play well with others. 

The indoor portion of The Sneaky Beagle is expected to seat about 180, with the dog-friendly deck area estimated to seat another 80 or so.

The restaurant will also include discounts available at The Grumpy Monk, including a 10 percent discount for regular priced items for locals.

The new spots managers are already hired and trained, with line-level employees like bartenders and servers set to be hired next month. Evans is hoping for the Sneaky Beagle to open in mid-to-late February. He said he couldnt reveal the specific location yet because the arrangements are still being finalized.

He also wants to eventually put a dog park outside the restaurant in the future.

While hes nervous about what comes with opening a new eatery, the incoming restaurant also comes with excitement. 

Taking a leap on something new is scary, he said. We feel confident because we have a good structure in how we do things. We have a great management team.

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