Creative Beginnings Child Development Center new building

Creative Beginnings Child Development Center will open in Carolina Forest in December. This is the second location for the business already established at 4047 Holmestown Road in Myrtle Beach.

With 80 children on the waiting list, Creative Beginnings Child Development Center will open its Carolina Forest location next month.

Owners Elissa and Dedric Woodle own the preschool at 4047 Holmestown Road in Myrtle Beach which, Elissa Woodle said, is “busting at the seams with 338 children.”

The second location, at 131 Gateway Drive, will see some Carolina Forest students transfer to the closer-to-home facility, and will also include students new to the business.

“We’ve had so many requests to branch out from people as far away as Litchfield and North Myrtle Beach,” Woodle said about why the school is opening its second location in Carolina Forest.

Call Woodle at 843-214-1234 or visit for more information.

An Horry County native, Woodle worked in the Horry County School District for 15 years, and for 13 of them she taught children with special needs. The other two years, she taught the Reading Recovery program to bring students to grade-level reading.

“I felt like I could make a bigger impact doing this than what I was doing,” Woodle said.

Her background in education taught her how to educate children in the various ways children learn.

“When you work with children with special needs, you learn how to teach each child in your classroom, and you have to be creative because children learn in different ways,” she said.

“Some are hands-on, some are visual, some learn audibly and some learn with kinetics.”

Creative Beginnings has structured classrooms with set curriculums.

Duplicating the same programs at the Holmestown Road location, Woodle said, “We teach the children. When they come to us as infants, we start their curriculum, and by the time they go to kindergarten, 85% of them are reading, writing and subtracting.”

Creative Beginnings also has a security system that includes fingerprint recognition.

It has a reporting system allowing the staff to communicate with the child’s family continuously.

“Whether it’s about a boo-boo or a needed change of clothes, every minute of the child’s day is tracked,” Woodle explained.

Creative Beginnings also has a library and a computer lab. In addition to the pre-school and after-school programs, Creative Beginnings also offers a summer camp.

“Every child’s needs are met,” Woodle said.


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