Chili Frito building

Chili Frito, at 4022 River Oaks Drive, Unit 10, will open Monday, Feb. 25 and will open every day at 11 a.m. serving fresh Mexican cuisine.

Chili Frito will have everything you’d expect from a Mexican restaurant, except one thing.

Opening Monday, Feb. 25, the food will be “fresh, fast and good,” said manager Gabriel Montalvan.

But what it will not be is frozen, because the brand-new Carolina Forest eatery doesn’t even have a freezer.

“Everything is fresh, made to order, like homemade,” Montalvan said.

Owned by the same folks who own Mojitos in Myrtle Beach, the manager said that while Chili Frito is not a fast food restaurant, the food will be served quickly so people can leisurely enjoy their dining experience.

A frito, he explained, is a fried, spicy, pepper, a common ingredient in the dishes.

The sign right under the restaurant’s name says, “Mucho Bueno Restaurant,” – “Very Good Restaurant” in English – and that says it all.

Montalvan said he’s already experienced the hospitality in Carolina Forest, which has been welcoming.

“One lady came for lunch and brought us a beautiful orchid. Other people have come in to shake my hand and welcome us to the neighborhood.

“People are building this community and we are a part of it.”

The dinner menu is still being tweaked, but there’s a complete lunch menu, from appetizers to desserts.

Those starters include chicken wings, cheese or bean dip, guacamole and choriqueso.

There is shrimp, chicken or seafood soup, and eight kinds of tacos.

Tostadas, chimichangas, burritos and quesadillas are also on the menu, with quesadilla choices including shrimp, pollo, steak, cheese, veggie, cheese, grilles chicken and shredded beef.

Desserts include ice cream, flan and cake. And along with Coke products and sweet or unsweet tea, horchata fruit water is also available.

Chili Frito is at 4022 River Oaks Drive, Unit 10. It will be open every day from 11 a.m. – 7 p.m., with happy hour every weekday.

The restaurant is on Facebook and will soon have a website.

The phone number is 843-742-5449.

There will be a different $10 lunch special each day, and it’ll include rice, beans and tortillas, with a choice of beef, chicken or pork.

When it opens, Chili Frito will include a full bar.

The brand-new restaurant promises not just delicious food, but a pleasant environment.

The colors are blue – “That’s for the ocean,” Montalvan said – and orange. “That color,” he laughed, “is supposed to make people hungry.

“It is,” he said, “A casual Mexican restaurant that’s different from anything else around here.”


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