Carolina Forest show  choir

Sara Martin prepares for her songs and dances in “Memphis to Broadway.”

Carolina Forest High School Show Choir kids missed three weeks of school because of Hurricane Florence.

And, they spent another two weeks rehearsing with choreographers instead of their vocal arts director Kraig McBroom who was out because of surgery.

But, they still pulled it together and will present “Memphis to Broadway” this weekend.

“We lost a lot of time and had limited time to learn music and dance, but we worked really hard, it’s going to be a great show,” said Sara Martin who’s in her second year of ShowCase.

The production will feature each of the show choirs, ShowCase, Women’s, Intermediate and Chorus 1. That’s about 180 kids.

The show, McBroom said, “includes a modern take on the music of Elvis, along with some fun takes on the disco era, music from the Disney musical “Hercules,” and of course, today’s pop music as well.”

A lot of the songs are from the musical, “All Shook Up,” and McBroom explained, “We took those songs and twisted them into a story, and a good bit of the show is music from that.”

Performances, at the high school, will be Thursday, Oct. 25 and Saturday, Oct. 27 at 7 p.m., and Sunday, Oct. 28 at 3 p.m.

Tickets are $7 and can be purchased online at

Choreographers Bryan Beaman, Jessica Carr, Natalie Cesario-Beck and Isaac Jones “stepped in and worked very hard during my absence because of back surgery,” McBroom said.

“The hurricane has, of course affected our progress, but we’re working hard to give the community something to enjoy and smile about after some rough weeks.”

Martin, the daughter of Dora and Alan Watts, said there is “no weak link in the group,” and that working with the others has helped her gain confidence.

“I was able to audition for High Steppin’ [Country] which I got into,” she said.

Martin has a few solos in the production, and will do a good bit of dancing, with the disco dances her favorite.

“The music is all upbeat, it’s great and I love it,” the senior said.

Noah Kessler, also a senior, said this show begins the start of a bittersweet year for him.

“I’m really going to miss this group, show choir has taken a lot of my time these four years and I’ll miss these great people,” he said.

The son of Franci Kessler, he said, “I’ll be crying this year, thinking about all the last things I’ll be doing.”

Kessler said when he moves on to college, he’ll have a head start because of his years in show choir.

“It’s played a very big role in learning discipline and time management as far as getting work done for school and for show choir,” he said.

McBroom said one of the nice things about this show is that there are younger students participating.

“People will be able to see how they progress during the year.

“The kids all had to push hard to get a lot done, and they did it.”


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