New LandShark location Barefoot Landing

North Myrtle Beach mayor Marilyn Hatley admires the newest addition to the Barefoot Landing family, LandShark Bar and Grill. The restaurant officially opened for business following a ribbon cutting ceremony Wednesday morning. Photo by Ian Livingston Brooking.

With a single cut of oversized scissors, Barefoot Landing in North Myrtle Beach welcomed LandShark Bar and Grill as the latest addition to its restaurant lineup Wednesday.

“It’s an exciting day in the history of Barefoot Landing,” said Chad Carlson, Chief Financial Officer of Burroughs and Chapin.

Tucked in the corner of the Harborwalk Village portion of Barefoot Landing, LandShark boasts a view of the pond at Barefoot, along with a grassy area and a pirate ship playground for children. Inside, there is ample waterfront seating for guests and the bar area has been deemed fit for this particular LandShark location.

“We have a bar that’s just amazing,” said Buddy Graham, general manager of the newest location. “It’s been created specifically for our brand.”

The idea of bringing the LandShark brand to North Myrtle Beach began two years ago when Burroughs and Chapin had interest in securing property at Barefoot Landing and the relationship between Burroughs and Chapin and Margaritaville.

“It really comes down to the relationship we’ve built with Burroughs and Chapin over the years with Margaritaville at the Broadway at the Beach property,” Graham said. “We’ve thoroughly enjoyed being one of the cornerstone properties down there in that location. They’re great landlords to work for.”

While the idea of expanding that brand to the North Strand was born two years, everything had to come to a halt last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It put a stop to what our development plans were,” Graham said. “As soon as we were out of COVID, we were back at it again. It just basically paused our development; it didn’t stop it.”

Seeing new businesses open up in North Myrtle Beach is something that North Myrtle Beach Mayor Marilyn Hatley views as exciting.

“The fact that they recognize what a great community we are, what a great area we are to do business in, and it just adds more quality of businesses to our community,” Hatley said.

The opening of LandShark comes at a key time for Barefoot Landing and the Grand Strand.Coming off the heels of Bike Rally, Graham said he expects to be busy this summer, starting with Memorial Day weekend.

“We are so excited that we are opening when we are,” Graham said. “Bike week was the biggest one that I’ve seen here in a long time, if not ever. There’s so many people in the area. It just speaks to the recovery and the viability of Myrtle Beach, North Myrtle Beach and the surrounding areas known as the Grand Strand to recover quicker than maybe some other locales.”

While the crowds are expected to make their way to the Grand Strand this summer, Graham has seen the problems that come with the hiring issue that many other fellow business managers and owners in the area have faced in recent months.

“It’s something we’ve been battling with for the last two months in terms of getting staff hired up and trained,” Graham said.

The hiring problem, he said, will continue to be an issue “industry wide and city wide” — but he remains optimistic.

“We’re starting to see a lot of people, especially as college kids are finishing up with school, they’re starting to come back into the job market, looking for those summer jobs,” Graham said.

As we enter what many hope to be the tail end of the pandemic, Hatley said she hopes to see success in all businesses this year, including Barefoot's latest addition of LandShark.

“We are opening back up and business is good from one end of North Myrtle Beach to the other,” Hatley said. “I want everyone to enjoy and prosper.”

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