The polls in Horry County closed at 7 p.m. and results are expected to begin trickling in. 

Unofficial election results are in from Horry County's 124 precincts, with four runoffs expected.

Runoffs will be held June 28 between Horry County Council chair candidates Johnny Gardner and Mark Lazarus, Horry County Council District 8 candidates Michael "Mikey Mash" Masciarelli and Brandon Skipper, state house District 106 candidates Val Guest and Brian Sweeney, and Horry County Board of Education chair candidates David Cox and Helen Mason Smith.

More than 52,000 voters cast ballots in Horry County Tuesday, said Sandy Martin, head of the Horry County Voter Registration and Elections Office.

“It was a busy day,” she said.

However, she said early voting helped reduce congestion at the county's precincts. More than 11,000 county residents voted early.

For this primary, the county offered four early voting sites: the Carolina Forest Library, the North Strand Recreation Center, the South Strand Recreation Center and the county elections office in Conway. For the general election in November, Martin said she plans to have additional sites, or at least one in Myrtle Beach.

“It went really well,” she said of early voting. “We’re really excited and I anticipate that it will get bigger and bigger for each election.”

Horry County voters headed to the poll today. Here's what you need to know about candidates, advisory questions and precinct changes. 

The county's 11,618 votes led all of the state’s 46 counties in the number of early ballots cast, according to the S.C. Election Commission. Statewide, 100,450 people voted early.

The general election is scheduled for Nov. 8.

Here are the unofficial results from Horry County: 

*Denotes incumbent

U.S. House of Representatives (7th District)

Barbara Arthur (R) 4,186

Garrett Barton (R) 840

Russell Fry (R) 26,482

Mark McBride (R) 1,130

Spencer A. Morris (R) 165

Tom Rice (R)* 12,796

Ken Richardson (R) 4,925

The winner of this race will face Democrat Daryl Scott in November. 

U.S. Senate

Catherine Fleming Bruce (D) 2,239

Angela Geter (D) 1,642

Krystle Matthews (D) 2,026

The winner of this race will face incumbent Tim Scott (R) in November.

Governor/Lt. Governor

The Associated Press has called the gubernatorial election, reporting Gov. Henry McMaster has won the Republican primary and Joe Cunningham won the democratic nomination.

Carlton Boyd (D) 435

Joe Cunningham (D) 2,729

Mia S. McLeod (D) 2,340

Henry McMaster (R)* 42,403

Calvin "CJ" Mack McMillan (D) 282

Harrison Musselwhite (R) 7,042

William H. Williams (D) 267

Secretary of State

Keith Blandford (R) 12,967

Mark Hammond (R)* 31,621

The winner of this race will face Democrat Rosemounda Peggy Butler in November.

State Superintendent of Education

Travis Bedson (R) 8,000

Gary L. Burgess (D) 1,878

Bryan Chapman (R) 5,470

Lisa Ellis (D) 3,405

Kizzi Gibson (R) 4,131

Jerry Govan (D) 640

Lynda Leventis-Wells (R) 4,132

Kathy Maness (R) 10,448

Ellen Weaver (R) 11,289

Attorney General

Lauren Martel (R) 19,524

Alan Wilson (R)* 25,380

Commissioner of Agriculture

Bill Bledsoe (R) 16,124

Bob Rozier (R) 5,126

Hugh Weathers (R)* 22,146

State House District 55

Jamal Campbell (D) 73

Jackie Hayes (D)* 52

Robert Norton (R) 600

Tracy Pelt (R) 289

State House District 61

John Cassidy (R) 1,991

Carla Schuessler (R) 2,303

The winner of this race will face democrat Ashlyn Preaux in November.

State House District 106

Bruce Bailey (R) 796

Howard Barnard (R) 1,296

Val Guest (R) 2,627

Brian Sweeney (R) 2,174

The winner of this race will face democrat Ryan Thompson in November.

Horry County Council Chair

Johnny Gardner (R)* 11,989

Mark Lazarus (R) 18,296

Katrina M. Morrison (R) 6,386

Johnny Vaught (R) 10,560

Horry County Council District 1

Jenna Dukes (R) 4,433

Harold Worley (R)* 3,062

Horry County Council District 2

Bill Howard (R)* 2,542

Dean Richardson (R) 1,490

Horry County Council District 7

Tom Anderson (R) 1,472

Orton Bellamy (R)* 834

Jeanette Spurlock (R) 515

Horry County Council District 8

David Ellis (R) 778

Shannon Grady (R) 761

Michael "Mikey Mash" Masciarelli (R) 1,349

Brandon Skipper (R) 1,105

Horry County Board of Education Chair

David E. Cox (R) 17,935

Darrell Ricketts (R) 10,320

Helen Mason Smith (R) 14,847

Horry County Board of Education District 2

Debbie Edmonds (R) 2,202

Sherrie Todd (R)* 1,958

Horry County Board of Education District 3

Lorraine Mallon (R) 1,417

Tracy Winters (R)* 1,638

Horry County Board of Education District 6

Lyn Bondi (R) 965

Pam Dawson (R) 2,355

Horry County Board of Education District 8

James W. Berry (R) 1,411

Melanie J. Wellons (R)* 2,400

Horry County Board of Education District 10

Neil James (R)* 2,010

David Warner (R) 1,538

These candidates will be on November's ballots, but did not appear on primary ballots today because they either faced either no challenger in their same party or they were the only candidate to file for the seat:

Comptroller General

Richard Eckstrom (R)*

State House District 56

Tim McGinnis (R)*

State House District 57

Lucas Atkinson (D)*

State House District 58

Jeff Johnson (R)*

State House District 68

Earnest Carson (D)

Heather Ammons Crawford (R)*

State House District 103

Carl Anderson (D)*

State House District 104

William Bailey (R)*

State House District 105

Kevin Hardee (R)*

State House District 107

Case Brittain (R)*

15th Circuit Solicitor

Jimmy A. Richardson (R)*

Probate Judge

Allen Beverly (R)

Horry County Council District 5

Tyler Servant (R)*

Horry County Council District 11

Al Allen (R)*

Horry County Board of Education District 1

David Koch (R)

Horry County Board of Education District 7

Janet P. Graham (D)*

State Treasurer

Curtis Loftis (R)*

Reach Hannah Strong Oskin at 843-488-7242 or follow her on Twitter @HannahSOskin.


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