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Summer Quest activities at the Horry County libraries are in full swing, and some of them will possibly continue beyond summer if COVID-19 restrictions also continue.

Right now, library visits are limited to curbside pick-up and 20 minutes per person inside the buildings, but there are fun, educational and ever-changing virtual projects available for kids and their parents.

Something new comes out every day for children and adults on the Horry County Memorial Libraries Facebook Page, says Sara Keever who is a team leader for the Summer Quest program geared to adults.

“People can just scroll through all the daily activities for children and adults and they’ll see things like do-it-yourself projects, art projects and story time for the children.

“It might even be instructions and ingredients to create your own moisturizer or foot scrub.”

The adult activities appeal to all kinds of interests and range from how to make a simple salad dressing to jewelry-making, to a writers’ club.

“We show how to make quick pickles and even how to make bread without all the work,” Keever, reference librarian at the Conway branch, says.

One of the things Keever is working on for adults is a book club.

“That means you can go to and find our Horry County Memorial Library group and participate in discussions there,” she says.

The options for children are just as varied and just as much fun, says Holly Budden who helps plan those activities.

Each week has the same general schedule for children so they get to anticipate what’s coming.

Slide Show Mondays include a book of the week chosen by various youth services in the county.

Tuesday’s video is a Tuesday Tale.

“It’s what we’d do with felt boards and puppets during a normal story time, but we act it out,” Budden says.

Next comes Wacky Science Wednesday which is when videos illustrate STEM projects.

Thursdays rotate with the adult program, but on the alternate Thursdays for kids, there’s a Get Your Move On video that may include yoga or animal movements geared to getting the kids engaged.

“We do the movements animals would do or we take characters from a fairy tale and do movements associated with them,” explains Budden.

“That’s a fun thing because it encourages them to get up and move with us.”

That experience, she says, substitutes for the music and movement programs held during regular, non-COVID months.

Fridays alternate crafts with recipes specifically geared to the younger crowd. Those include salads, cookies and ice cream made by hand in a bag.

Instructions and materials needed for any of the activities, including the Wacky Wednesday STEM projects, are included in Make and Take bags that can be picked up at curbside.

The library system also includes Facebook Live Story Time every Thursday morning at 10 a.m., on any of the library branch’s Facebook pages.

“These are fun, interactive stories that the kids can participate in from home,” says Erin Edge, a children’s library assistant at the Carolina Forest branch.

These story times are important, Edge says, for a couple of reasons.

“Not only do they provide a sense of normalcy for our families, but they allow the children to continue to learn.

“Everything’s been put on hold lately because of COVID-19 and this allows them to continue their education.

“It’s very important,” Edge says, “for our little people, our children, to continue with their colors, their sight work, their learning from home.

“Even though it’s a different environment than they’re used to, they’re still getting the opportunity to learn and grow.”

Keever says it’s entirely possible that several of these Summer Quest programs, both for the adults and the children, will continue when summer is over.

“Because of the COVID conditions, we are envisioning this type of programming to continue into the foreseeable future daily and weekly to bring access to resources and new information.”


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